Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly 101 Update: May

Well, for the month of May I had one pretty unexpected crossed-off goal, and one goal that left me wondering how it took me so long to cross it off. That said, three more down for a total of 45, 56 to go! (I think. There is always the possibility of a miscount. haha)

(I actually did make some more leeway on a few of my in-progress goals as well, but I think for right now I'll keep those to myself...)

Visit one new island in the Caribbean - completed on our Carnival Liberty Cruise (5/12/12 - 5/19/12). I visited three! Half Moon Cay, St John, and Grand Turk. We took a cruise on the Carnival Liberty and had a blast! I will say that we dealt with a lot of customer service issues and that I'm not super happy with Carnival at the moment, but we didn't let that ruin our vacation :) I'll go into detail regarding said issues on my travel blog (eventually), but for now I'll leave you with a few pictures of the gorgeous places I visited for the first time!

Me being afraid of the sun on Half Moon Cay. Whatever, I didn't get burnt at all on this cruise!
My friend Rachel and I on a catamaran, anchored at St. John (yes, I did actually GO onto the island)
At the "Conch Beach" on Grand Turk

Attend 10 Greenville Drive games (10/10 as of 5/28/12)

This is the "I can't believe it took me this long to complete this goal" goal. I guess because I was a good 101 in 1001 participant last year and didn't count the few Drive games I attended right before I started this project...even though they were even in the same MONTH as my start date! :) We had tickets to enough games last year (we're partial season ticket holders) for me to have finished this goal, but we ended up missing a few of the games and well...that was that. I had four left to attend when this season started, and again could have knocked those out in April...except that I ended up going to Vegas one weekend, and another game that we tried to attend got rained out. Whatever, it's done now!

Not that that will stop me from going to a bunch more Drive games this season. Obviously. ;)

At one of the April Drive games we attended

Perform live (karaoke doesn't count) - Completed! First date was 5/4/12, but I finished this x3, really, if you count the entire month of May.

So the reason this goal was a surprise completion - I was in a band last year. In fact, I'd just joined said band when I put together my 101 in 1001 list. I hadn't truly performed since college and knew that I was ready to do so again.

Unfortunately, things didn't work out with that group. Nothing bad happened...personally I think we just couldn't get our visions to mesh and we all went our separate ways after playing together for about four months.

Still, imagine my surprise (and excitement, not gonna lie) when the bassist from that band called me up about a month ago and said he was part of a different band and they were looking for a female singer! I went to one of their practices, met the three guys I didn't know, sang with them, and was invited to be a part of their group JUNO. It just so happened that they were playing at a bar in Greenville that weekend, so I went to see them...and while I was there they asked me to come up and sing with them! Which I did, of course, and this past weekend I also joined in with a few more songs at two of gigs that they'd had scheduled before I joined. Technically my "debut" isn't until June 14th, but uh, I've performed at a private party and two bars with them so obviously that counts toward completing this goal :)

I even have a video of one of the songs we did at the bar gig last Saturday! Now, keep in mind that (a) I'd only practiced with them twice before this, (b) Steve was sitting much closer to the guys singing backup, so they do sound a bit overwhelming because of that, and (c) video quality isn't the best because it was taken with a point-and-shoot camera that Steve just sat on the bar for whatever reason, haha. Hopefully once we've practiced more and I think to bring our video camera with me, I will have some better videos to share with you guys!

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  1. Jealous!! I want to go on a cruise! I'm thinking I need to plan one for next year. I should add that to my 101 list. :)
    I've been kinda slack on my list...I need to go back and review and start striving to cross off things!