Saturday, July 14, 2012

A day of bad movies.

Last night was a late one due to a show with Juno and an after party at our house...which meant sleeping half the day away today, and then being lazy and watching movies on HBO. Unfortunately...nothing even halfway decent was on.

And so we ended up catching the tail end of a real classic...


...and following it up with this gem...

First we got a good laugh over the insanely 90s hair cuts in A Kid in King Arthur's Court. Why, oh why, did 90s kids ever think bowl cuts were a good idea? 

I really shouldn't say too much more though, because Steve definitely had a bowl cut back in the day ;)

That said, this movie was filled with actors you'd never see again...and then these two:

!!! Kate Winslet and Daniel Craig, you've come so far. :D

I think one of the best things was HBO's description of the movie - how a kid and his "knapsack of goodies" got transported back in time to King Arthur's court. Knapsack? Really? Who in the world uses the term knapsack?

(As you can see, we're clearly very easily amused.)

So, From Justin to Kelly was on immediately after A Kid in King Arthur's Court, and in a day of bad movies how could we pass up this one, which is rated a mere 1.7/10 stars by IMDB users???

I'm honestly not even sure what to say about this flick. I don't know what was worse...the terrible, no good, very bad music...or Kelly Clarkson's outfits.

Steve called this one her "Grimace outfit". (source)
I can't even with this one. (source)
Oh no, wait, I know what was worse...the entire premise of this movie. The script itself. The acting. I could go on and on. Yet we still paused and even recorded this when we stepped away for a while, because it's the type of train wreck you can't help watching. And because Steve wanted to "see if the geeky guy finally got lucky and if the blonde chick got her comeuppance"...haha.

(Seriously though, whoever thought that making this movie would be a good idea has major, major issues.)

What can I say? When you have a night that results in pictures like this...

...sometimes the only thing that can bring you back to reality are movies rife with bad haircuts, knapsacks, and just overall ridiculousness. ;)
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