Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: 20 things to...avoid? your 20s. Part 1.

This is another one of those articles "so many things" articles, but in this case apparently those things are things you should avoid. Twenty of them, in fact. I've decided to weigh in on them because honestly...some of them are extremely obvious, while others are a bit...I don't know, unnecessary, maybe? I'm going to jump right in with the first five!

1. Rushing

I find it funny that the article used the quote "Stop. Collaborate. Listen." Umm...okay?

While I agree that it's always a good idea to take time for yourself, to take time to appreciate the positive, to breathe, as it were...I can't say that I completely agree with the whole idea that people in their 20s try to do too much. I'm fast approaching 30 and there are still things I've never done, never finished, and yet I've rushed with the best of them...but I've also taken too much time for myself, here and there. Entire days when I did nothing but play on the internet and watch crap - literally - on television. And if I hadn't rushed a lot - at times too much, but in general just the normal amount for someone my age, I would say -  there's so much I wouldn't have experienced.

For instance, if I hadn't rushed to do my college program at 18, then rushed to get back there as a manager at 23, I never would have met some of my best friends...

2. The Gimmes

This particular entry in the list insists that you should set aside money from every paycheck and time every week for a cause you believe in. I can't claim to have done either one of those things, but when I have extra money it goes to something I believe in - animal rescue - and I spend time every single day with two dogs that I rescued. At times I have volunteered outside of that, but honestly the one thing the person who wrote this list doesn't seem to understand is that every little bit counts, and I know I've made a difference in the lives of Wendy and Rigby...that's my cause, that's what I chose, that's what matters to me.

3. Cliques

I don't think I had a problem with cliques in my 20s? I joined a sorority, but we were notoriously accepting (which harmed us more often than not) and when the sisters tried to not be accepting of one particular possible pledge (look at that alliteration!) I gave them what for. That said, once I was out of college I distanced myself from that scene anyway because as much as *I* wasn't clique-y when I was in my sorority, other people were and I had no desire to deal with that.

AST original Turtles ;)

4. A low ranking on your own priority list

This I do agree with. While I won't claim that I've always cooked or eaten the healthiest foods, I "gave up" fast food at 19 and though I will eat it a few times a year when traveling or hungover, in general it was a solid and awesome decision. I've also spent far more time being active...running, yoga, rowing, and the like. That's not to say that everything I do is perfectly healthy...but hey, one has to live a little ;) And I definitely look healthier than I did ten years ago...I'm happy with my body!

5. Ignoring your spirituality

This is something I suppose I've failed miserably at, according to the description on the list - I went from believing what my parents believe, almost unquestioningly, to forming...well, I suppose it could be called my own amalgamation of beliefs. I did spend quite a bit of time reading about religion, thinking about religion, even going to church in my early 20s...but I honestly haven't gone since I was maybe 26 and while I think I should go sometime before I turn probably won't happen. Religion itself has become a major turn-off to me, and spirituality is something that I can explore on my own. That I have explored on my own...just probably not as decisively as this article insists.

Stay tuned for the installment of the next 5 things on the list next week :)
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