Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: Not all women can be Lady Gaga

Today for Writer's Block Wednesday, I want to talk about a quote that I've heard several times recently...a quote that I've probably put *too* much thought into at this point. My excuse is that it both applies and doesn't apply to me, and that I also don't think it's a fair thing to say for what it implies about women in general.

Without further ado, I give you this gem from Lady Gaga...

Here's the thing - I've done both those things. And I've also taken a third road. And in the end, each of those choices by themselves led me nowhere, but together they led me to a pretty damn good place - that being right here, right now.

First I married Ex, who gave me the impression that he wanted the same things out of life. At that time my dream was to return to Orlando and to Disney, to work my way up and make something of myself at that company. Unfortunately he had never really wanted to move back to Orlando, and had hoped that I would change my mind about doing so. And you know what? For a while I did ignore my dream of going back to Disney, and instead followed Ex to Lynchburg...but after a miserable year or so there, I stepped back and realized that if I didn't at least try to pursue a career with Disney, I'd regret it forever.

So I applied for a restaurant management job, received an offer, packed up my car and moved back to Orlando - by myself. I knew that this would possibly mean the end of my marriage; I wasn't even sure if I was ready to accept that. But I did it anyway.

Chunky brunette Tara. NEVER AGAIN. Well..maybe I'll go brunette again just for the hell of it. Maybe.
And in the end? Well, I gained a hell of a lot of weight, became a brunette for a while, learned to actually like living by myself, met some amazing people (many of whom are still some of my closest friends today), and fell in love with my job in a way I'd never before thought possible.

Hanging out at Islands of Adventure with some of my amazing cast members (and my friend Mia)
Yet despite being legally separated from Ex at the time, despite the fact that I felt I was doing something worthwhile at work...despite the fact that I'd left not just a man but a marriage...pursuing that dream made me realize that it wasn't what I wanted for the rest of my life, anyway. Working 50-60 hours a week for pretty minimal pay, living in a place full of ugly landscape and buildings and far too many tourists, never being able to go home for Christmas, possibly missing the birth of my first niece...and *so* many other things.

So I went back to Lynchburg. And then I followed Ex to South Carolina...and fell in love with the Greenville area even as I realized how very much I needed to leave him.

Point being, if I'd never followed Ex in the first place (or the second place), I likely never would have found this city that I love so much!

I mean, come's a beautiful, awesome place! :)

And consequently, some years later I even convinced a guy - Steve, of course - to follow me here to Greenville. I wanted to be here, and in my mind that was that. Staying in Connecticut forever was never really a choice to me, regardless of how I felt about as you can see, in the end...all of that following turned out the best for everyone (well, except maybe for Ex, but yeah I could give less of a you-know-what about that, ha). Because the thing is...everyone is different, every life is different, and sometimes even the crappy choices can lead to the best things.

Plus, not every woman can be Lady Gaga ;) Pin It


  1. Beautiful photo of Greenville. What were the flags on the bridge for??

  2. Maria - they were there for Artisphere, an art festival that takes place every May here in Greenville :) That picture is from 2010 but hopefully they decorate that walking bridge the same every year because it did look really pretty :)