Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monthly 101 Update: July

So in case you didn't notice...I "skipped" a June update for my 101 list. This was partly because I wasn't home the entire first week of July to write one, but mostly it was because I didn't accomplish a single 101 goal back in June :( Yeah, I know, bad Tara. Buuut...that's kind of okay because I think I made up for it in July! Without further ado...

Take a spontaneous trip (spend at least one night away and plan it less than a week in advance) 

Completing this goal last month was a total surprise...well, obviously, as it was to take a spontaneous trip! Haha. Anyway, the bassist from the band I sing with went to the beach in North Carolina for vacation...and the day after he left I was hanging out with our guitarist and somehow - after several shots of Fireball and a lot of coaxing from the guys - I ended up in Atlantic Beach for two days. It interesting trip, to say the least.

Somehow I didn't even get any pictures, but I snagged this one from the guitarist (it needed to be edited anyway). So there ya go. :)

Return to 3 places I've loved (3/3 as of July 2012: Orlando, Vegas, Charleston)

I could have cheated on this a bit and claimed to have finished it before this...either by listing Boston/Cambridge or Savannah as a place I've loved, or counting the numerous trips I've made to Orlando and Vegas since starting my 101 in 1001 list. But I didn't cheat, so there ya go!

I love Orlando for the friends who live there and for the memories I have of and make at Disney World...

Karaoke at Kimono's with Melissa and Mia
Not gonna lie, I'm buddies with Buzz Lightyear ;)
Wine sippers! haha, I don't know.
I love Vegas for the atmosphere and the crazy stories a trip there always produces...

Girls trip to Vegas!
...during which Jenna is proposed to by a guy she just met that day. haha
And I love Charleston for, well, everything about it :) 

Nitrotinis at Grill 225 at the Market Pavilion Hotel
Walking the Battery
Awesome breweries
...and of course, beautiful scenery.
Let Steve pick 3 movies I haven't seen, and watch them with him (3/3 - Unforgiven, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Gran Torino as of 7/30/12)

Apparently Steve decided that his three movies all needed to be Clint Eastwood movies...heh.

I actually liked Unforgiven...I mean, it's not going to be a favorite movie of mine, but it was decent. To be honest I've never been one for Westerns, so there's that.

And having never been one for Westerns...well, The Good The Bad & The Ugly was just a bit much for me. It was *so* darn long and I feel as if nothing ever happened. I suppose I can understand the cinematic appeal of it, but I refuse to say I liked a movie simply because everyone says I should like it ;) And yeah, this goal was probably the only way Steve ever could have gotten me to watch this movie...haha.

Lastly, Gran Torino was one of those movies that I've always meant to see...and just never gotten around to seeing. For no particular reason, because I'd pretty much heard nothing but good things about it. Of the three this was definitely the one I liked the most, though of course it was quite depressing (and to be honest depressing movies aren't exactly something I need right now, ugh).

Switch back to a hoop nose ring for at least 1 month - started 6/26/12, still going strong with the hoop at the end of July 2012!

Originally this goal was to switch back for 3 months, but at some point I must have edited it? I think that was because the last time I had a hoop nose ring I had some problems with it, and that's why I switched back to a stud...but whatever those issues were, I'm not having them this time around and I'm loving the change-up. So I'm thinking the hoop will stay around for a while ;)

For whatever reason, this is the ONLY picture I have from the past month-ish where you can clearly see that I'm wearing a hoop nose ring. Ah well! :)
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  1. I totally skipped my June update also...oops! I just got back from Charleston yesterday :) Love that place!