Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Funday: Dragon*Con Prep!

Well, we were supposed to go tubing on the Green River again today...and sadly, it would have been a perfect day for that, weather-wise :-/ Unfortunately I've been sick for nearly two weeks, and between antibiotics and Mucinex before bed last night, I slept through two alarms (which *never* happens, I'm a total morning person) and didn't make it out of bed until 11 AM. Sigh.

But...that's okay. Sort of ;) Because instead I spent the day perfecting my Dragon*Con schedule and running to Michael's for the supplies that will help me finish my dragon's egg, paint my dumb orange blaster for my Juno Eclipse costume matte black, and brushing up on Game of Thrones!

I need a glass/goblet that looks at least SORT OF like this for my Cersei costume. Pier 1 seems to  have a few decent ones, so that's my goal tomorrow :)

And yeah, there may have been some champagne involved. And tequila as well, though at this point I'm not sure the tequila sunrise I mixed up was a good idea...

I leave you with proof that Stannis Baratheon is the most brutally honest man ever.

“Make it Ser Jaime the Kingslayer henceforth,” Stannis said, frowning. “Whatever else the man may be, he remains a knight. I don’t know that we ought to call Robert my beloved brother either. He loved me no more than he had to, nor I him.”
“A harmless courtesy, Your Grace,” Pylos said.
“A lie. Take it out.”

Oh sassy Stannis, you are my fave! :D
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