Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Funday with Champagne...because, well, why not?

Last weekend I had a true Sunday Funday, but that is another tale for another time, to be honest ;)

Today was actually supposed to be a repeat, but instead I had to do adult things...make a grocery list, mow the lawn, catch up with DragonCon stuff (okay, maybe that last one isn't quite so "adult")...still, Steve and I found time to go out for a late lunch/early dinner...and the bartender was nice enough to give us the happy hour price for a bottle of champagne even though happy hour didn't start for another hour...

Well, and on the way home obviously we had to stop and pick up more champagne...because we had none at home...and this is what we actually came home with...

I mean, nothing says fun like Prosecco and a giant bar of ridiculously expensive chocolate! :D

And here's a gratuitous picture of my awesome dog Rigby, a.k.a. "Rigaby Bumsley III, Esquire, of the Hartford Bumsleys", for your enjoyment! (on our freshly mowed yard...mowed by ME, no less!)

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