Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today is Thursday, no?

Today is Thursday, and that means...

~~~ Tomorrow is Friday (duh...haha), so the weekend is almost upon us! ~~~

~~~ One week until I arrive in the ATL for Dragon*Con! I'm beyond excited, but also a little nervous as well...especially as I *still* haven't even started to make my dragon egg(s) for my Daenerys Targaryen costume... ~~~

Specifically, though, today is Thursday August 23rd, and that's important because...

~~~ Four years ago *today* Steve and I met in Myrtle Beach and reconnected [in person] after spending the entire previous weekend on the phone, catching up from having not seen each other in nearly three years. And that one day/night in Myrtle Beach...well, it was fate ;) Four days later he told me in no uncertain terms that he liked me and wanted to move forward with "us", despite certain...challenges. I've not regretted a moment of our lives together since :D :D :D ~~~

Steve and I four years ago today (8/23/2008). Not the best picture of either of us but the only appropriate one from this exact date that was crop-able. (croppable? haha)
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