Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: 20 things to...avoid? your 20s. Part 3.

Well, I'm waaaay behind on this today. Blame it on the band. And my day job. And grocery shopping. I don't know, I've been insanely busy lately.

Anyway, for part 3 of the "20 things every person in their 20s should avoid" I'm going to keep it short and sweet and simply finish up the last three that didn't make it into part 2 of this series :) Which happened because I went picture happy in that last entry. Oops?

8. Debt

Honestly, my mother taught me well - don't have credit cards unless you can handle them. I only ended up with one because at 21 Ex and I were trying to buy a house and having trouble with a loan because I had *no* credit. So I signed up for my first credit card.

That was the fall of 2004, and that's the only credit card I've ever had.

I'm lucky that my parents paid for my college education, and I appreciate that more than I can ever express. While I do have a mortgage and car payment, I've certainly gone without things that I wanted in order to avoid the one big thing I do not need - this aforementioned debt ;)

9. STDs

Be intelligent in your choices and safe in your practice. I know I always have been. Enough said.

10. Grudges

Well. I...can't swear that I've been the best at this. I may not move on fast enough when someone has wronged me. That said, I long ago stopped caring about the people who wronged me in high school (and certainly those who wronged me before). But I'm not sure I agree with "actively forgiving old lovers and betrayers" and "not letting them dictate your feelings". While of course it's not good to linger on the crappy things one experienced in the past, those experiences change us and hopefully help us grow...and in that respect we should allow them to have an effect on future choices and the like.

Forgiving oneself for past mistakes and failures is, however, a must...but it's also seriously seriously difficult. I think it takes reaching a great point in your life and realizing that every choice you made - the good and the bad - led you to that great point.

And you know, to be honest, even then, even after then, there will still be times when those regrets come back. It's just...all in knowing how to handle those times, I suppose.

Now hopefully next week I'll get back on track with the rest of this list, eh? :)
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