Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: 20 things to...avoid? your 20s. Part 4.

Phew, only today and next week left in regards to the "20 things every person in their 20s should avoid" list!
I'm finally [sort of] back on track with this, I guess :)

11. Becoming too dependent on technology

I think that this could be looked at in two ways, but the instance that the article focuses on is not having a backup for "passwords and important documents". At first glance I would have assumed they meant "don't become so attached to your iPhone that you have a panic attack when you forget it at home" or "don't allow Facebook or email to become the only means of communication between yourself and your friends" which case...I think I do better than some people, the same as most people, and probably worse than a few.

But as that's apparently not what the article really "meant",  I cannot stress enough that while I'm not sure what they mean by having a backup for one's passwords (??? can someone help me with that ???), having a backup hard drive for your computer is a MUST. And updating it regularly is obviously important as well. I have a regular backup hard drive and we have a Mac Time Capsule that updates basically daily, so I'm good in that respect, thank God. In fact, when a document is *really* important, I'll not only have it on my computer and a back up hard drive, but I'll email a copy of it to myself and add it to a saved folder in my email. Yeah, if you can't tell, I've lost important documents before ;)

12. Going to an 18+ club after age 25

Is it me, or do these barely even exist anymore? I know that when I was 25 and my little sister was 20, we went out a few times in the Greenville area and it was basically impossible to find an 18+ club on a Friday or Saturday night. There's one that still does 18+ on Thursday nights, but I honestly haven't had the need to go to an 18+ club since my sister turned 21 (which happened while I was 25)...and thank God for that. Because I suppose if 18+ clubs do exist in your area, it's best to just stay away from them. The couple of times I went when I was 25 were definitely not that fun. Almost bordering on awkward, in fact. No thank you.

Pretty sure this was one of the last times - if not THE last time - that I ever went to an 18+ club (July 4, 2008)

13. Guarding your heart too much

You know, I didn't really experience this in my 20s...but that's mainly because I spent the first half of this decade married to Ex, and when I left him I met the most open, honest man ever ;) Steve never played games with me, and from the very beginning both of us were up front about how we felt and what we wanted from our "relationship" (in quotation marks because we talked and acted this way before we were even officially together). Really, I'm completely aware that I got lucky that he was the first guy I wanted a serious relationship with after I left Ex (there were a couple 'I know this isn't going to work out but it's fun for the moment anyway' flings in between, mind you).

Just over two months after we started dating and we were already on our first vacation together - to Disney, no less! We'd already said "I love you", though we even outright admitted that we LIKED each other about 4 days after we started hanging out again ;) I wouldn't have it any other way.

14. Wasting your time on romantic relationships that don't contribute to the person you want to become


Obviously I did this. If I hadn't I wouldn't [technically] be a divorcee. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have spent half of a decade with the wrong guy.

That said, often a person can learn a lot from being in a relationship with the wrong person. I certainly regret some of the choices I made in regards to my relationship with Ex, but you know, I don't even know if I regret marrying him, or if I'd go back and change that decision. Being married to the wrong person made me a better girlfriend, a better live-in girlfriend, a better fiancee, and eventually (again) a better wife. More so I would say that I regret wasting so much time on a romantic relationship that didn't contribute to the person I wanted to become...but even that is a sort of half-assed regret, because had I left Ex six months earlier, or a year earlier, or two years earlier (etc. etc. etc.) I likely wouldn't be where I am today, who I am today, or with Steve at all...and I'm very, very happy with all three of those things.

15. Cavities

As the article itself says, "Floss, people." I do. Every. Single. Night. And ::knock on wood:: I haven't had a cavity in over three years :) (which was about the time I forced myself to not just floss sporadically but constantly. so there.)
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