Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: 20 things to...avoid? your 20s. Part 5.

Well, here we are (finally, right?) - the last installment of 20 things us people in our 20s (yes, I know, I don't have much longer) should avoid...enjoy!

16. Losing the important friendships

Okay, first things first: PLEASE do not take this to mean that you should hang on to long-time friendships simply because they are that: long-time, I mean. Some - possibly many - of your high school "besties" will not remain as such even through college, let alone into adulthood. Especially if you (or they) move away from where y'all grew up. And you'll probably lost touch with some of your college friends as well. That's just the way of life, and forcing or pushing friendships outside of their comfort zones (because let me tell you, "real life" is nothing like college and even less like high school) is never an intelligent decision.

That said...I cannot agree more about making time to call (and visit, if you can!) those friends who are truly worth it. I have several close friends whom I haven't seen in years, but I make sure to talk to them often to, err, "keep the fires burning", if you will. And I'm lucky to have friends who live all over the country and meet me on vacations elsewhere (on top of calling them on a regular basis as well). Because no, Facebook interactions don't count as much as a phone call or a visit, people ;) 

Just last month I went to Charleston with my good friend Jamie. She's from Boston and we met on the Disney College Program 11 years ago...and yes, still keep in touch. Obviously ;)

These next two are self-explanatory. At least to me!

17. Incarceration

18. Microwaving your food in plastic
19. Being in such a rush to grow up

Oh gosh, I can't agree more about not joining the rat race immediately! Unfortunately...not everyone has the ability to take a year off or whatever else this article suggests...I know I didn't. However...I followed my low-paying dream job (that decidedly did not have 9 to 5, Monday through Friday hours) for a while after graduating college...then took a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday job that also didn't pay well but afforded me the option to take basically as much time off to travel as I wanted. I even took a few months to work a couple jobs that weren't desk jobs, before settling in with my current company at 25 years old...and I don't regret one moment of any of that, even though it led to me having to be a lot more careful with my money than I would have liked ;)

Random Myrtle Beach trip in 2008 to see my cousin Katie, who was visiting from Connecticut. Courtesy of aforesaid short break from a desk job, nonetheless :)

20. Avoidance

Hmm. For the last thing to avoid in your 20s, this article sure is a bit...random. Or maybe just round-about? First it says to plot out your next "60, 70, 80 years"...but then it says to make a list of 30 things to do before you're 30. So...I don't know. I agree with the idea that thinking broadly is a good thing when you're still in your 20s, but honestly...if you'd asked me two years ago where I'd be at 30, I would have given you a pretty assured answer. Yet if you ask me now, I would say that I've reevaluated some things and have somewhat changed my mind about them, and those decisions may completely reshape the next five or so years of my life in a way that the me of two years ago would have never considered. Because hey, 29 isn't too old to make life changes, in my opinion!

I will say this...DON'T avoid the following:

Telling your family and close friends that you love them.

Being there for those who need you as much as you possibly can.

Saving a bit of money.

Reaching for your dreams while you're still young, because honestly...this is when they are most attainable.

AND THE ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO *NEVER* AVOID, BUT *ESPECIALLY* WHILE YOU'RE STILL YOUNG...being honest and up front about your feelings - whether it's because you don't care for a path that a friend is going down, whether it's in a new relationship, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes you won't receive the reaction that you'd like...but sometimes you will, and that makes all those other crappy reactions worth the strife that they may will cause.   
Trust me.
    I told Steve I had to move to South Carolina for work. Three months later he'd found a job, we'd purchased a house, we'd taken that leap...and we've never looked back :) :) :)
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