Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Book Review: Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

Honestly, more often than not any book that is based or loosely based on a Jane Austen novel is a disaster, and yet for some reason I keep devouring them. Go figure ;) Because of that, though, I didn't have the highest hopes for Death Comes to Pemberley - especially as I'm not much of a mystery novel person - so I suppose I'm inclined to be a bit easier with my rating for this book than others have been.

At first the author seemed to get the flow and language of Austen's writing correct, but as the story progressed she tended to slip in and out of this voice. Considering that she was best at it while rehashing the events of Pride & Prejudice (which, by the way, was completely unnecessary and felt more like filler than anything else) I have to say that she probably shouldn't have tried to capture that voice at all. It was especially bad whenever there was dialogue, much of which seemed stiff, stilted.

The other obvious issue is that James clearly didn't/doesn't understand many of P&P's beloved characters. I could write one long blog entry about this alone, but if you have any inkling of respect for Charlotte or Colonel Fitzwilliam I simply suggest that you not read this book. When one of the most detested P&P characters is portrayed as almost a good guy throughout most of this novel, and two of the most neutral P&P characters are painted as extremely questionable entities, it's probably time to step away. Unfortunately...I didn't listen to myself, in this case. ::sigh::

As for the mystery aspect of Death Comes to Pemberley, suffice it to say that I expected a more important character to die. I don't want to give too much else away; I will admit that I was kept guessing as to the culprit for quite some time (though what I did guess, about halfway through the novel, was fairly close to what actually happened). I do think that in the end, the explanation seemed far too convoluted and unnecessary - we simply did not need so much background/backstory as to why and how the murder happened. As for the "inquest" and the "trial" - well, let's just say they were repetitive and felt a lot like filler, to me.

Lastly, I will admit that I did like the random asides/mentions that brought in other Austen characters and stories, mainly because I'm not sure I've ever seen someone do this before in a Pride & Prejudice "sequel". Unfortunately that alone could not rescue my opinion of this book, which I'd say at most rates 2/5 stars.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Confessions are back!

I confess...that I spent at least 70% of my weekend sleeping. I'm not even sure why, but I guess the up side is that I finally feel something like rested for the first time in months?  

I confess...that I can't decide whether I'm dreading traveling to Orlando later this week (because I haven't had any desire to be away from home lately, weirdly enough) or whether I'm kind of excited about it (the excitement comes in spurts and always fades fast).  

I confess...that I'm still CRAZY excited about The Convention of Ice & Fire that some friends and I are organizing for April 2013! Gahhh how is it still nearly seven months away?!?!? ;) Pin It

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Convention of Ice & Fire!

So for those who don't know me, I'm pretty much the best secret-keeper ever. Okay, maybe not the best, but I'm really darn good at keeping my mouth shut when I need to, okay? ;)

That said, for the past couple of weeks some friends and I have been working on something really, really exciting. And being so excited about this, it's been really, really hard to keep my mouth shut as we've gone back and forth and forth and back making the arrangements for...

Yes, that's right - we've booked Ravenwood Castle in Ohio for an entire weekend of Song of Ice & Fire-themed activities and discussions.

We are planning photoshoots, a mock Westerosi election, several panels/discussions, a mini tournament, a gaming night and even a costume contest :) All completely ASOIAF-related, of course.

UNTIL NOVEMBER 1st, 2012, tickets are priced at:

$75 for Dragon/VIP (convention admission with 2 dinners and a large gift bag included)
$60 for Stag (convention admission with 1 dinner and a small gift bag included)
$45 for Copper Star (convention admission only)

You *must* book a room or cottage at Ravenwood Castle in order to attend the convention. Rooms/cottages will be made available for general booking on October 15, 2012. 

Ravenwood Castle offers several accommodation options - both rooms in the castle and cottages on site - priced anywhere from $130 to $235/night.

Here are some links to check out in case you're interested in attending this event, which is sure to be an awesome time for all Game of Thrones/Song of Ice & Fire fans :)

(as a warning, it does appear that at the moment you have to join the FB group in order to join the FB event)

(we are accepting donations to help kickstart our event - all donations have corresponding rewards!)

As I am one of the hosts of this convention, feel free to contact me by commenting on this blog entry or by emailing ageeksaga AT gmail DOT com with any questions you may have!

Tickets are on sale now and there are a very limited number. You can only buy them through the Official Website Registration Page so if you're interested, go check it out :)

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Review: The Garden Intrigue by Lauren Willig

While I generally enjoyed this novel - in fact, definitely more so than the previous book in the Pink Carnation series, The Orchid Affair, and probably more so than the book or two before that. I simply felt that the characters in this particular installment were more relatable, and I also liked that we got to see Jane Wooliston again - this time through the eyes of someone who considered her a friend, rather than just the flitting appearance in The Orchid Affair. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel quite as happy with the continuance of the Eloise storyline - it felt disjointed at best, and there was a bit of a twist to it that just seemed unnecessary (I'll forgo revealing said twist because it would be a bit of a spoiler).

Honestly it's been quite a while since I read a Lauren Willig/Pink Carnation series book, and I don't know if I've gotten more picky or if she and/or her editor are simply getting lazy because, well, I'm not even sure this book was edited. There was rampant comma splicing as well as ridiculous run-on sentences. I also noticed a lot of repetition - the same word used twice in two or three lines or several times on one page; a thought had by a character several times throughout the novel and always worded the same exact way; etc. Also, and this could be the e-book version I read, but there were times when it appeared that entire words were missing.

All in all - despite the aforementioned issues and errors - The Garden Intrigue was, in general, what I've come to expect from the Pink Carnation series - a quick and easy read with a bit of mystery and a decent romance thrown in :) As I said above, though, I think that this particular story was better than at least the two previous ones, and I'm hoping this trend continues when the next installment in the Pink Carnation series is published. 3.5/5 stars.
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 12: The End of it All

The unfortunate thing about our decision to continue wandering around the Dragon*Con host hotels after the Game of Thrones-themed wedding is that we were out of any sort of drinks...which meant having to purchase some from the hotel bars. And at $7 or $7.50 per beer...I think we knew that our wanderings could not last quite as long as we would have liked :( We kept to the Hyatt and the Marriott, saw several more amazing costumes, and had plenty of random conversations with other friendly con-goers...

Johnny Depp characters!
Darth Nihilus from Knights of the Old Republic!
I feel as if Cersei and Vader would get along, no? ;)
Creepy Clockwork Orange people. At least the guy on the far right took his clown mask off.
This guy was cool, but I wouldn't want to wear his "costume" in the Atlanta heat!

In the end, though, we faced a tough decision: spend more money (that we really shouldn't spend) on beers at the host hotels; stop drinking and wander more despite being tired and having very sore feet; or go back to the hotel at a [somewhat] decent hour and get some rest before returning home the next day. In the end, the latter seemed to be the best bet for our bodies and our wallets, and so back to our hotel we went :)

I have to be honest, it felt nice to get out of that wig and gown! But at the same time, the moment I changed into my pajamas was the moment that I had to truly accept that our amazing weekend was at an end...and that it would be an entire year before we could re-experience this awesome convention. Pin It

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 11: "A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!"

As I mentioned in my last post, after extracting Steve from the exhibit hall we went up to the bar at the Marriott and, well, bellied up to it. What resulted was a good hour and a half of enjoying drinks, costume-watching, posing for and taking pictures, and generally losing track of time. I blame that on running into Littlefinger and Renly, the scoundrels!

Awesome Lucius and Bellatrix

The Brothers Baratheon. Or at least the two that were alive at the beginning of Season 2? haha

Suddenly I realized, "Crap, it's 8:15!" Gameshow of Thrones was beginning at 8:30 and I had a team signed up, so I left Steve to pay the bill and rushed over to the American Sci-Fi Fantasy Media track room - which was, thankfully, at the Marriott as well.

Unfortunately, crowds got in my way and it was about 8:25 PM when I arrived for the Gameshow. I let myself into the room only to be told that any teams who hadn't been present "early" (not sure what "early" meant - was I five minutes to late, fifteen minutes too late, thirty minutes too late? I guess I'll never know) had been booted from the roster. Not only that, I was told I had to leave the room entirely as it was full :(

While I understand where they were coming from, to be honest the whole situation kind of irked me. When I signed up for the Gameshow I assumed I needed to arrive a bit before the appointed start time, but you would think they would be understanding of people not being able to arrive a good chunk of time earlier...especially as they never told us what time we needed to or even should be there by! It was just disappointing that not only was I not able to participate in the Gameshow, but I couldn't even watch it unless I wanted to hang around outside the room and wait for people to leave. Sad :(

In the end, though, Steve and I ended up meeting another awesome couple and hanging out with them. This resulted in an hour's worth of great conversation and well as several more awesome costume sightings!

Everything about this is awesome. If you don't get it, well...just move on.

Tron! He even had the music from the movie playing from a little speaker on his back.

Eventually it was about quarter to ten and time for us to head back to the Hyatt for a Game of Thrones themed wedding!

Yes, you heard that right. A new friend of mine, Valerie, and her fiance were exchanging vows - and cloaks - on Sunday night of Dragon*Con.

As you can see, after the ceremony we hung out for a while to take some Game of Thrones costumed pictures (in honor of the themed wedding, of course), as well as enjoy some snacks and wine and more good conversation. Eventually Steve and I decided that it was time for one of two things - bed, or more wanderings to help keep us awake.

We decided on the latter (of course), and you'll hear all about that in my next - and final (sad, I know) - Dragon*Con post! Pin It

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 10: Sunday Afternoon

Well, as jam-packed as our Dragon*Con weekend had been - and as crazy and tiring as Sunday morning was - it seemed to me that Sunday afternoon called for a bit of relaxation.

Beginning with brunch at Meehan's Publick House :)

To be honest I wasn't too keen on Meehan's menu as a brunch menu - it appeared to simply be their regular menu, and while the food was good I wasn't quite in the mood for fish-and-chips or meatloaf...I'd really wanted some more classic brunch food, like Eggs Benedict or something of the sort. That said, the fish and chips and meatloaf were very good, and the prices weren't too bad either...I mean, who can argue with a $6 Bloody Mary in the heart of downtown Atlanta? (Especially when a beer at one of the convention hotel bars ran you $7-7.50!)

We took our time at brunch, as well - chatted up new-found friends and the like (sort of the status quo of Dragon*Con, I learned) - and only left when it was getting close to time for me to attend my final writer's workshop. This one was titled "Showing off your Manuscript", but I guess I had misunderstood what it was going to entail. I had thought to hear about showing off my manuscript to editors/publishers, when really the content focused on finding advance readers and organizing workshops. It was a bit disappointing and probably the least helpful writer's activity I went to all weekend, though truth be told that could be just because it wasn't what I expected combined with the fact that I've already dealt with finding advance readers and organizing workshops :)

Originally I'd hoped to make it to the 5:30 PM Tolkein track writing panel, but it was a few minutes after 5 when my seminar ended and honestly...I was tired. That, and I wanted to attempt to check out the exhibitor's hall again, in hopes that it wouldn't be quite so crowded. I wandered off to meet Steve, and ran into quite a few awesome costumes along the way...

Umbridge! Worst Harry Potter villain for sure.
Crazy Amidala costume. I honestly can't imagine wearing wonder she was sitting down.
One of several Carmen Sandiego's I spotted at Dragon*Con. She had gloves as well, but she'd taken them off :)

Thankfully the exhibitor's hall was nowhere near as crowded as it had been Friday afternoon, but honestly I wasn't super impressed by it. It wasn't as big and didn't have as many vendors as I would have expected, considering, and I have to say that I saw way more cool vendors when I went to Star Wars Celebration V back in August 2010. Eventually I left Steve to play some game that he discovered while I sat just outside the hall and rested my feet.

Cersei is not amused.
We had some time to kill before the Gameshow of Thrones, so when I finally extracted Steve from the exhibitor hall we bellied up to the Pulse Bar at the Marriott...but this, and the rest of the evening, is another story for another time, I think :) Pin It

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 9: Sunday Photoshoots

When my alarm went off Sunday morning, that 3 AM-ish bedtime suddenly felt like a very, very major "oops". But hey, what can you do? What was done was done and it was time for me to get myself read for a morning jam-packed with Game of Thrones photoshoots!

(And it didn't help that my Cersei gown takes about 20 minutes to lace up. No lie.)

Anyway, a group of Game of Thrones costumers had a private shoot at noon, followed by a second private shoot at one - but first we had decided to meet in the lobby of the Hilton, a general get-together to introduce ourselves and just hang out for a bit.

And wow...let's just say that this little meetup turned out interesting! No sooner had we gathered than suddenly people were taking pictures. And then more people were taking pictures. And then it got to the point where we literally had to call out that we were taking a break, or else we would have been standing there forever ;) Eventually we were able to head over to the Marriott, though, where we met up with Lionel Lum for our first private photo shoot! Now, I'm only going to share the pictures taken with my own camera (for now?) but here's a bit of a sneak peak...and yes, it was a blast, and it was just the beginning of a long morning/early afternoon of photo shoots!

Starks! Though I feel that Catelyn, Arya, Sansa & Robb should have pushed Jon off to the side and said, "No, Jon!" ;)
Awesome !ASHA!

Renly and his lovahs
Two sides of the same coin...
...aaand one of my personal favorites, and no, not just because I'm in shows Lionel at work!

Next it was on to the Sheraton for our second private photo shoot! We were also supposed to meet up with the "public" group photo shoot people, but when we arrived...they weren't there? Don't worry, we found out later what happened :-/ But first...more pictures!

Group photo!
What do people in Westeros do best? ;)
Dany, her khal, and that waaaaay too cute baby of theirs...haha
Steve Hunter S. Thompson came along to be my [un]official photographer
Small council
With my "little bird"
One word: TWINCEST.

So, phew, picture-heavy post! But unfortunately these pictures - like our photo shoot - have to come to an end. You see, apparently between Dragon*Con 2011 and Dragon*Con 2012, the Sheraton changed their policies about photo shoots...without any sort of notification, not even a blurb on their web page or a notice at check-in or a flyer somewhere...and now you need permission (which I'm guessing you have to pay for?) in order to do any sort of photo shoot-like activities there :-/ The larger Game of Thrones costuming group had found this out already and had removed themselves to the fifth floor of the Hilton, so once we figured out what had happened we planned on moving as well.

Unfortunately, it was already 1:45 PM...and I had somewhere to be at 2 PM. And the Hilton was quite a the wrong direction. I felt really bad but I had no choice other than to bow out of the rest of the shoot :(

But as disappointed as I was, having to make this decision...there is more fun - and there are, of course, more pictures - to come!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 8: Saturday Night

Okay - right after my Game of Thrones panel, I was supposed to meet up with a CNN photographer who was doing a story about costuming at Dragon*Con. I was *super* excited to have been chosen for this...but sadly, it turned into one big mess! When the original information had been sent out, we were told to meet between 7 and 9 PM in the Hyatt. Steve and I headed over there from the Marriott at a quick clip...but when we got there, the door to the room where we were supposed to meet was locked and there was no notification of where the CNN people had gone or when they would be back. There were several other people loitering around for the same thing, and all of us agreed on one thing - that the entire situation was frustrating!

Like this awesome family. Seriously, can you imagine being in my shoes in regards to this CNN thing, yet having three children with you?!?!?! No thanks. Though to be honest these kids were adorable and super well-behaved :)

After waiting for about 10 minutes, knowing that I had somewhere to be around 9:30, my patience was wearing thin. At this point I decided to check my email and see whether I had a contact number for the gentleman who had sent me the information regarding this photoshoot.

And that's when I discovered that someone from CNN had emailed me the day before - that's right, on Friday, while I was busy running around this giant thing called Dragon*Con and had no time to check my email - with a new location for the photoshoot. However, there was nothing in the email about this having been a change of location! I had to read the darn thing twice before I noticed that we were actually supposed to be in the Hilton!

Now, for those of you who have ever been to Dragon*'s a hike from the Hyatt back to the Hilton. And our hotel was in the complete opposite direction. And again, we were supposed to be somewhere - the Sheraton, specifically - at 9:30 PM.

Needless to say, I never made it to the CNN photoshoot. I did reply to the email explaining why I was missing it and asking if I could send them my own photo of myself in costume, so that I could still be featured...but I never received a reply. It was very badly done, in my opinion, but the weekend as a whole was so amazing that I refuse to be too disappointed about missing this opportunity.

And in the end, we were still a bit late for our 9:30 PM get-together - a Game of Thrones-themed wine and beer tasting! We had to run back to our hotel to pick up the beer and mead we were bringing, then stop at CVS for Steve to get some sort of blister pads. We arrived around 10 PM and spent the next couple of hours discussing Dragon*Con, the HBO Game of Thrones series, and of course, the Song of Ice & Fire books :) Poor Steve...I still haven't been able to get him to read them, and all weekend I was constantly ear-muffing him in an attempt to protect him from spoilers.

The wine & beer tasting was definitely an awesome idea, and many of us who were involved have hopes of making it an annual - and hopefully bigger - thing. Most of us even dressed up!

Two wedding Dany's!
Steve trying to have a non-GoT/ASOIAF conversation. Note the numerous bottles of wine off to the right! :D

Finally it was time to head back "home", though...I had another early-ish morning ahead of me for Sunday, and leaving around 1 AM seemed intelligent.

Until we got back to the hotel and ended up hanging around outside with random people - con-goers and Auburn fans alike - until 3 AM. Oops?

Hey, that's Dragon*Con for ya. And that's my Saturday at Dragon*Con, in full, finally! :) But before I move on to my Sunday posts, here's a full-length picture of me in my Daenerys Targaryen costume. I'm not quite small enough to be her (and I don't mean "thin" - I'm a tall, somewhat big-boned girl, and she is decidedly neither of those things) but I did enjoy sort of "being" her for a day...dragon's egg and all!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 7: Saturday's Game of Thrones panel!

So it was getting toward the end of Saturday evening, and lo and behold I'd hardly taken any pictures! Therefore, on the way out of the Hyatt to grab coffee and snacks, of course we had to stop for some quick photo opportunities...

Daenerys Targaryen and John Marston...random I know ;)

Awesome Jay and Silent Bob!

We just ran into the little mall next to the Hyatt and stopped at Caribou Coffee. While the iced latte that I ordered was just like every other iced latte I've had at similar establishments, I also had a hot sandwich that was absolutely delicious - some sort of chicken/pesto/cheese combination, and yeah, I was a bit surprised at how good it was! Steve had taken the opportunity to run back to the room (I honestly still don't know or understand why), but it was getting pretty close to the start time for the Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings panel and Matt and I headed over to the Marriott for that, so that he could grab a seat and I could set myself up at the panelist table.

Unfortunately Steve got sidetracked and missed about the first half of the panel :-/ I'd really really wanted to get the entire thing on video but because he didn't show up until after we'd started, and then had to stand in the back, this obviously wasn't possible. Yes, I'm still very, very disappointed about that. But at least I have a few things to share with you! First, some pictures...

I honestly can't express how amazing it was to have been a part of this panel. Not only were the other panelists knowledgeable and friendly, but the room was packed. Seriously, they stuffed extra people along the walls and on the floor wherever they could do so (without breaking fire code, of course), and they were still turning people away. I would say the most difficult part of it all was that the majority of the people in the room appeared to have read the books, and several of them asked questions that were hard to answer without spoiling things for the people in the room who hadn't read the books. But as this was the American Sci-Fi Fantasy Media track, this panel was supposed to be show-focused, and that was that ;)

The most interesting thing about all of the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice & Fire activities at Dragon*Con was that there weren't enough of them, so they were all packed ;) Some friends and I who are working tirelessly toward getting a George R. R. Martin track at Dragon*Con [a.s.a.p.] take that as a good sign... ::fingers crossed::

As I said, I wish I could have gotten a recording of the entire panel because I think it went really, really well. There were some great questions from the audience and we couldn't even get to them all! Unfortunately the room was being used for another activity or panel after ours, though, so as all good things must our panel eventually had to come to an end. I will say that I was lucky to have Matt there to snap the above pictures...and to take this quick video of part of my introduction on the panel! Enjoy, and I'll be back soon with the final Saturday installment of my Dragon*Con blogs :)

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 6: Saturday Evening

Last I left off, I'd been so busy gathering mine and Steve's things to leave the Star Wars Old Republic panel (he had snuck out to use the bathroom, hence my having to take both our bags etc. when I left the room) that I'd forgotten my dragon's egg. And though it's not as if I spent a ridiculous amount of money on the thing, it had taken enough of my time and what little craft-y creative effort I possess to yeah, I was a bit of a mess about it. Thankfully, Steve is awesome and amazing and let me head up to 22 Storys to grab a seat and order food and drinks while he hoofed it all the way back to the Hilton in hopes of retrieving my precious egg.

But not before a quick break to show off his ingenious idea of attaching a matchbook striking strip to the inside of his boot heel so that he could light matches the old school way ;)

I won't lie...I spent the next twenty minutes or so fretting over whether he would even be able to find my egg. But thankfully when he arrived back at the SWTOR panel room - which was hosting an entirely different panel by this time - there was my egg, sitting right up on the table. Poor Steve had to walk up and take it in front of everyone, but he got it back...and while he was doing so I was able to have a beer in an attempt to calm myself (okay, maybe I was just a bit too worked up about that egg) and even eat half of a quesadilla (I was starving).

Unfortunately this whole dragon's egg debacle caused me to be about 20 minutes late for my next writer's workshop, "21 days to a novel". Had I been there from the beginning I do think it would have been more helpful; as it was it did appear that this particular workshop, while informative, was more in the "novel in a month" category (like NaNoWriMo) - as in, more for people who don't write regularly, or people who have really bad cases of writer's block. Neither of which is quite my situation, though to be honest I'm more than thankful for that :)

Oh, and between my two writer's workshops this day, I was able to get two of Steve's Star Wars books signed!

Both Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole were super friendly and awesome about signing these books.

Once my workshop was over I met Steve back up at 22 Storys. At this point he decided to go back to the hotel room to change out some things he'd been carrying around, while I met up with Matt from the Dragon*Con Game of Thrones costuming group to grab another quick snack and an iced coffee before heading over to the Marriott for the Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings be a panelist, in fact!

And on the way out of the Hyatt for said coffee, we ran into some other Game of Thrones costumers and grabbed a quick picture because, you know.... :)

Now stay tuned for the conclusion to one heck of an epic day - I'll post again soon! Pin It

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 5: The First Half of Saturday

Despite the fact that we slept in and missed the parade (sad, I know, but there's always next year, right?), Saturday morning still seemed to start too early ;) I had my first writer's seminar at 11:30 AM, and despite waking up at around 9:15 so that we could make it to breakfast at the hotel, we still left our room a bit too late.

Well, let me rephrase that - we left our room "on time" had it been Friday or even Sunday morning, but with the parade crowds and the fact that it was in fact Saturday, "on time" turned into "too late". (A trend that continued for the rest of the weekend, unfortunately. Sigh.)

Anyway, first things first I attended the writer's workshop "101 ideas in an hour", hosted by Timothy Zahn of Heir to the Empire trilogy fame! Honestly, him being the speaker for this particular workshop was enough reason to pay the $8 for it, and though "101 ideas in an hour" was different from the workshops I'd attended the day before, I still got a lot out of it. Rather than Zahn speaking to us, he spoke with us - it was more of an interactive/moderated discussion where we tossed around ideas and he would help us round them out. It was actually pretty fun as well as helpful :)

Unfortunately, I then had to miss the post-parade Game of Thrones costuming meetup at the Hilton. They had planned on being there/starting around noon, and not only did my workshop not end until 12:30 but I knew that trying to get to the Hilton "ASAP" in the crowds that day would be basically impossible. And harrowing, to top it off. Plus we had a few minor costume adjustments to make...and to be honest, we needed to refill our, um, orange juices ;)

...oh, and I just *had* to take a picture of Steve in his John Marston outfit in front of this statue
So after our quick reboot in the room, it was time to hike alllll the way over to the Hilton for the 2:30 PM Star Wars: The Old Republic panel. Now, this is probably one of the few times that not staying in a Con hotel sucked a bit - mainly because walking to the Hyatt was fine, and getting to the Marriott wasn't bad either...but the Hilton and the Sheraton felt like they were lightyears away! (see what I did there? huh? hmm? haha)

While trying to find the SWTOR panel, I ran into one of the many awesome Jack Sparrows that graced Dragon*Con with their presence this year :D

It took us a while to figure out where the heck the room for the SWTOR panel was, but we still made it with a good 20 minutes to spare. The panel itself was pretty fun - it seemed to be a good mix of people who were big MMO players (many of whom seemed to have beta'd SWTOR) and people who were new to MMOs and only play because they are Star Wars fans (i.e., people like me). It was more of a discussion and apparently/supposedly there were people in the audience who were going to bring our suggestions and complaints back to Bioware ::crosses fingers:: Unfortunately, there was only one panelist as the person from Bioware who was supposed to be on the panel wasn't able to arrive on time :-/

Poor sad lonely SWTOR panelist :(
As much as I was enjoying discussing SWTOR (and trust me, I really was enjoying it!), I had another writer's workshop at 4 PM and really wanted time to grab a drink and some quick food beforehand. So Steve and I left the panel a bit early - around 3:15 or so - and began making our way back to the Hyatt. It wasn't until we'd literally reached the back doors of that hotel that I realized I'd forgotten my dragon's egg! Steve offered to run back to the Hilton to try to find it, while I ordered us a snack and some drinks at the 22 Storys bar...I could hardly sit still while doing so, though, because darnit I spent about 5 hours making that thing. And for the first time that day I really felt like Daenerys Targaryen!

"Where is my dragon's egg?!" be continued...
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