Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 11: "A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!"

As I mentioned in my last post, after extracting Steve from the exhibit hall we went up to the bar at the Marriott and, well, bellied up to it. What resulted was a good hour and a half of enjoying drinks, costume-watching, posing for and taking pictures, and generally losing track of time. I blame that on running into Littlefinger and Renly, the scoundrels!

Awesome Lucius and Bellatrix

The Brothers Baratheon. Or at least the two that were alive at the beginning of Season 2? haha

Suddenly I realized, "Crap, it's 8:15!" Gameshow of Thrones was beginning at 8:30 and I had a team signed up, so I left Steve to pay the bill and rushed over to the American Sci-Fi Fantasy Media track room - which was, thankfully, at the Marriott as well.

Unfortunately, crowds got in my way and it was about 8:25 PM when I arrived for the Gameshow. I let myself into the room only to be told that any teams who hadn't been present "early" (not sure what "early" meant - was I five minutes to late, fifteen minutes too late, thirty minutes too late? I guess I'll never know) had been booted from the roster. Not only that, I was told I had to leave the room entirely as it was full :(

While I understand where they were coming from, to be honest the whole situation kind of irked me. When I signed up for the Gameshow I assumed I needed to arrive a bit before the appointed start time, but you would think they would be understanding of people not being able to arrive a good chunk of time earlier...especially as they never told us what time we needed to or even should be there by! It was just disappointing that not only was I not able to participate in the Gameshow, but I couldn't even watch it unless I wanted to hang around outside the room and wait for people to leave. Sad :(

In the end, though, Steve and I ended up meeting another awesome couple and hanging out with them. This resulted in an hour's worth of great conversation and well as several more awesome costume sightings!

Everything about this is awesome. If you don't get it, well...just move on.

Tron! He even had the music from the movie playing from a little speaker on his back.

Eventually it was about quarter to ten and time for us to head back to the Hyatt for a Game of Thrones themed wedding!

Yes, you heard that right. A new friend of mine, Valerie, and her fiance were exchanging vows - and cloaks - on Sunday night of Dragon*Con.

As you can see, after the ceremony we hung out for a while to take some Game of Thrones costumed pictures (in honor of the themed wedding, of course), as well as enjoy some snacks and wine and more good conversation. Eventually Steve and I decided that it was time for one of two things - bed, or more wanderings to help keep us awake.

We decided on the latter (of course), and you'll hear all about that in my next - and final (sad, I know) - Dragon*Con post! Pin It

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