Monday, September 3, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 2: Friday Morning

Well, as much as I wanted to live blog more of Dragon*Con, as you can see that didn't happen ;) What can I say, I was very very busy! And sadly, I still missed several things that I wanted to attend...though I've heard that's kind of the norm for conventions. That said, on to part 2 of an amazing weekend - the first half of my Friday!

I had reserved spots in the very first two writer's workshops, which meant a bit of an early morning after such a late night on Thursday (thanks once again to the awesome ABC party!). I made it to the Hyatt just in time for my first one at 10 AM, and while I will say that both workshops - titled (respectively) "The Rules of Writing" and "Writing Careers in the Post Paper Era", both with Michael Stackpole - were more than worth $8 each, though the Rules of Writing workshop was probably the more helpful of the two for me :)

Obviously those workshops took up most of my morning, but as soon as they were done I did some wandering - and, of course, picture taking!

Awesome Leeloo! (though to be fair there were plenty of those at Dragon*Con this weekend)
I hate my face in this picture, but I got so few of myself on Friday that it kinda has to be posted ;)

Amazing stormtrooper!

Now, before heading over to the Marriott (where two of the above pictures were taken) I did check out the art show, and once I did get to the Marriott I made my way to the Exhibit Hall. Unfortunately the latter was way too crowded and I wasn't able to see even a third of it before having to literally squeeze out of there. The art show, on the other hand, was far less crowded - and while many of the prices were a good bit higher, it was of course for good reason. Not only was there plenty of amazing artwork in the way of paintings, but there were hand-tooled leather journals, jewelry, and as always (from what I could tell/saw this weekend) plenty of steam punk accessories.

Something that I think I'd actually read or heard beforehand and yet somehow forgot was the fact that if you want to see and be seen at Dragon*Con, the best place for it is for the Marriott. I had maybe two people at the Hyatt give me shout outs in my Juno Eclipse costume Friday morning, but the moment I walked into the Marriott people were recognizing me every 10-15 minutes...which isn't bad for a somewhat obscure Star Wars video game costume, I think :)

Well, that's about the first half of my Friday, but I'll post the rest of my true first day at D*C experiences soon, promise! Pin It

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