Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 3: Friday Afternoon

Now, there were a handful of actual panels that I wanted to attend on Friday - the first of these being "All of the latest news on The Hobbit".

And this is where I ran into the worst mess of a line that I experienced all weekend. The panel was starting at 4, and of course you aren't supposed to line up for Dragon*Con panels until an hour before they start. I arrived outside the room right at 3 PM, and there were a handful of people hanging out by the wall eating lunch. I sat down with them, began chatting, took out my bottled water...they admitted that they were there for The Hobbit panel, and I wanted to sit down for a moment, darnit! (No really, I hadn't sat down in nearly three hours. I needed to do so.)

Unfortunately, around five after three one of the Dragon*Con volunteers/workers came around and told us that if we were waiting for a panel we would have to move - that no line would be forming until 3:15 PM (so much for the one hour in advance thing, I guess?) and if we didn't move, we would end up at the back/end of that line.

Now, this was sort of understandable. I mean, I know that they don't want people blocking hallways or creating unofficial lines, blah blah blah. But honestly the way the guy approached the situation was just a bit rude - we were not in the way, nor were we lined up/lining up. And his tone/word choice was just unnecessarily snarky. Of course we listened, but the worst part was that in doing so (he basically told us to "mill around, don't stand around, don't look like you're waiting or in line") we caused more of a traffic jam/confusion as more people arrived thinking that the line would have already formed.

So I milled around, went to the bathroom, milled around some more...and then got a bit lucky in that I saw the guy begin to create the line (right about 3:15), made a beeline for him, and ended up 5th in line. Soon after this the previous panels began to empty out, which meant a few good pictures!

Some great Harry Potter costumes - LOVE the Snape dressed as Neville's boggart!

Great Dany & Viserys
The kind people in line behind me took a full-length picture of my Juno Eclipse for me :)

As for the panel itself...well, it was put on by theonering.net, and while it was okay it was more about older information about the movie, not necessarily "the latest news". Of course, the title slide of the presentation actually looked like this:

Sooo...I'm not sure if they changed the title last minute (seriously, I made my final written schedule not even a week in advance and as of that time the Tolkein track was still calling it a "latest news" panel. I don't think it helped that the panel actually started a few minutes late due to "technical difficulties", which continued throughout the presentation. They did make several mentions of panels happening later in the weekend that would have more, err, "up to date" information on The Hobbit, but unfortunately I already knew that my schedule wouldn't allow me to attend these :(

It was a few minutes after 5 when the Hobbit panel ended, and though I wanted to attend the Star Wars authors panel...well, I was getting light-headed from not having eaten since about 9:30 AM, and it would have been a heck of a rush over to the Marriott from the Hyatt at this point. So I decided - sadly - to miss the Star Wars authors panel and instead have a seat at the 22 Storys Bar in the Hyatt lobby. The food was really just okay for the price, but I did get to sit in a nice comfortable booth and enjoy a sit down meal and a beer :)

...aaand now that this has gotten a bit long, I guess I'll have to finish my Friday posts tomorrow. Who knew I'd have so much to write about this Con, huh? ;) Pin It

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