Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 4: Friday Evening

So last I left you, I'd had to make the tough decision to skip the Star Wars author panel on Friday evening in order to have time to eat. Thankfully skipping this left me with about an hour and forty-five minutes between the Hobbit panel and my next scheduled stop, the Online Interactions panel with the Young Adult Lit track.

Though my dinner wasn't amazing (as I mentioned before) the service was fast and honestly just in general really good (surprising for how crowded the restaurant was) - and this left me even more free time than I'd planned to have...which of course led me to hang out for a bit and discover some more great costumes!

This girl basically was Starbuck. A.K.A. awesome.

You know, Star Wars and BSG pilots, just chillin'.

Now, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Online Interactions panel, but in the end I really enjoyed it and I'm really glad that I went. The panelists were mostly published authors, and the content was about 40% advice about how to use social media as a writer, and about 60% general chat regarding writing reviews (or rather, whether or not to do so if you yourself are a writer) and how to handle them (though of course more so the bad ones than the good ones) once you are published.

I definitely gleaned some good information from it and the panelists themselves seemed very friendly and approachable. As my writer's seminars earlier in the day had been with a pretty well-known Sci-fi/Fantasy author, Michael Stackpole (Rogue Squadron trilogy, anyone?), and the Hobbit panel was one of the fairly big 'uns, if you will, this was the first panel I attended that was on the smaller side, with, shall we say, "regular people" - and honestly it was one of the better ones I attended all weekend :)

Once the Online Interactions panel ended, I wandered around a bit, grabbed a beer with some random people (honestly my favorite thing about Dragon*Con - sit down somewhere with a drink or a cigarette and people almost immediately start chatting you up - why can't everyone everywhere be this friendly?), and finally headed back to my hotel room around 9:30 PM. I was waiting for Steve to arrive, which at least gave me time to write up my first Dragon*Con blog (hence why I did actually post one of them while I was there, haha). Unfortunately he ran a lot later than I thought he would, which led to us not being able to have any sort of "night out" on Friday :-/ We didn't even get his stuff up to the room until almost 11:30, and then I had to bust my butt to finish my dragon's egg for my Dany costume the next day!

Talk about last minute crafting. Oops.

I'll have to get into why that dang egg wasn't finished some other time ;) As it was, I did finally attach the last "scale" at about 1:30 AM Friday night/Saturday morning...and then it was time for bed, because - you guessed it - we had another busy day planned for Saturday! Pin It

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