Friday, September 7, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 5: The First Half of Saturday

Despite the fact that we slept in and missed the parade (sad, I know, but there's always next year, right?), Saturday morning still seemed to start too early ;) I had my first writer's seminar at 11:30 AM, and despite waking up at around 9:15 so that we could make it to breakfast at the hotel, we still left our room a bit too late.

Well, let me rephrase that - we left our room "on time" had it been Friday or even Sunday morning, but with the parade crowds and the fact that it was in fact Saturday, "on time" turned into "too late". (A trend that continued for the rest of the weekend, unfortunately. Sigh.)

Anyway, first things first I attended the writer's workshop "101 ideas in an hour", hosted by Timothy Zahn of Heir to the Empire trilogy fame! Honestly, him being the speaker for this particular workshop was enough reason to pay the $8 for it, and though "101 ideas in an hour" was different from the workshops I'd attended the day before, I still got a lot out of it. Rather than Zahn speaking to us, he spoke with us - it was more of an interactive/moderated discussion where we tossed around ideas and he would help us round them out. It was actually pretty fun as well as helpful :)

Unfortunately, I then had to miss the post-parade Game of Thrones costuming meetup at the Hilton. They had planned on being there/starting around noon, and not only did my workshop not end until 12:30 but I knew that trying to get to the Hilton "ASAP" in the crowds that day would be basically impossible. And harrowing, to top it off. Plus we had a few minor costume adjustments to make...and to be honest, we needed to refill our, um, orange juices ;)

...oh, and I just *had* to take a picture of Steve in his John Marston outfit in front of this statue
So after our quick reboot in the room, it was time to hike alllll the way over to the Hilton for the 2:30 PM Star Wars: The Old Republic panel. Now, this is probably one of the few times that not staying in a Con hotel sucked a bit - mainly because walking to the Hyatt was fine, and getting to the Marriott wasn't bad either...but the Hilton and the Sheraton felt like they were lightyears away! (see what I did there? huh? hmm? haha)

While trying to find the SWTOR panel, I ran into one of the many awesome Jack Sparrows that graced Dragon*Con with their presence this year :D

It took us a while to figure out where the heck the room for the SWTOR panel was, but we still made it with a good 20 minutes to spare. The panel itself was pretty fun - it seemed to be a good mix of people who were big MMO players (many of whom seemed to have beta'd SWTOR) and people who were new to MMOs and only play because they are Star Wars fans (i.e., people like me). It was more of a discussion and apparently/supposedly there were people in the audience who were going to bring our suggestions and complaints back to Bioware ::crosses fingers:: Unfortunately, there was only one panelist as the person from Bioware who was supposed to be on the panel wasn't able to arrive on time :-/

Poor sad lonely SWTOR panelist :(
As much as I was enjoying discussing SWTOR (and trust me, I really was enjoying it!), I had another writer's workshop at 4 PM and really wanted time to grab a drink and some quick food beforehand. So Steve and I left the panel a bit early - around 3:15 or so - and began making our way back to the Hyatt. It wasn't until we'd literally reached the back doors of that hotel that I realized I'd forgotten my dragon's egg! Steve offered to run back to the Hilton to try to find it, while I ordered us a snack and some drinks at the 22 Storys bar...I could hardly sit still while doing so, though, because darnit I spent about 5 hours making that thing. And for the first time that day I really felt like Daenerys Targaryen!

"Where is my dragon's egg?!" be continued...
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