Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 6: Saturday Evening

Last I left off, I'd been so busy gathering mine and Steve's things to leave the Star Wars Old Republic panel (he had snuck out to use the bathroom, hence my having to take both our bags etc. when I left the room) that I'd forgotten my dragon's egg. And though it's not as if I spent a ridiculous amount of money on the thing, it had taken enough of my time and what little craft-y creative effort I possess to yeah, I was a bit of a mess about it. Thankfully, Steve is awesome and amazing and let me head up to 22 Storys to grab a seat and order food and drinks while he hoofed it all the way back to the Hilton in hopes of retrieving my precious egg.

But not before a quick break to show off his ingenious idea of attaching a matchbook striking strip to the inside of his boot heel so that he could light matches the old school way ;)

I won't lie...I spent the next twenty minutes or so fretting over whether he would even be able to find my egg. But thankfully when he arrived back at the SWTOR panel room - which was hosting an entirely different panel by this time - there was my egg, sitting right up on the table. Poor Steve had to walk up and take it in front of everyone, but he got it back...and while he was doing so I was able to have a beer in an attempt to calm myself (okay, maybe I was just a bit too worked up about that egg) and even eat half of a quesadilla (I was starving).

Unfortunately this whole dragon's egg debacle caused me to be about 20 minutes late for my next writer's workshop, "21 days to a novel". Had I been there from the beginning I do think it would have been more helpful; as it was it did appear that this particular workshop, while informative, was more in the "novel in a month" category (like NaNoWriMo) - as in, more for people who don't write regularly, or people who have really bad cases of writer's block. Neither of which is quite my situation, though to be honest I'm more than thankful for that :)

Oh, and between my two writer's workshops this day, I was able to get two of Steve's Star Wars books signed!

Both Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole were super friendly and awesome about signing these books.

Once my workshop was over I met Steve back up at 22 Storys. At this point he decided to go back to the hotel room to change out some things he'd been carrying around, while I met up with Matt from the Dragon*Con Game of Thrones costuming group to grab another quick snack and an iced coffee before heading over to the Marriott for the Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings be a panelist, in fact!

And on the way out of the Hyatt for said coffee, we ran into some other Game of Thrones costumers and grabbed a quick picture because, you know.... :)

Now stay tuned for the conclusion to one heck of an epic day - I'll post again soon! Pin It

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