Monday, September 10, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 8: Saturday Night

Okay - right after my Game of Thrones panel, I was supposed to meet up with a CNN photographer who was doing a story about costuming at Dragon*Con. I was *super* excited to have been chosen for this...but sadly, it turned into one big mess! When the original information had been sent out, we were told to meet between 7 and 9 PM in the Hyatt. Steve and I headed over there from the Marriott at a quick clip...but when we got there, the door to the room where we were supposed to meet was locked and there was no notification of where the CNN people had gone or when they would be back. There were several other people loitering around for the same thing, and all of us agreed on one thing - that the entire situation was frustrating!

Like this awesome family. Seriously, can you imagine being in my shoes in regards to this CNN thing, yet having three children with you?!?!?! No thanks. Though to be honest these kids were adorable and super well-behaved :)

After waiting for about 10 minutes, knowing that I had somewhere to be around 9:30, my patience was wearing thin. At this point I decided to check my email and see whether I had a contact number for the gentleman who had sent me the information regarding this photoshoot.

And that's when I discovered that someone from CNN had emailed me the day before - that's right, on Friday, while I was busy running around this giant thing called Dragon*Con and had no time to check my email - with a new location for the photoshoot. However, there was nothing in the email about this having been a change of location! I had to read the darn thing twice before I noticed that we were actually supposed to be in the Hilton!

Now, for those of you who have ever been to Dragon*'s a hike from the Hyatt back to the Hilton. And our hotel was in the complete opposite direction. And again, we were supposed to be somewhere - the Sheraton, specifically - at 9:30 PM.

Needless to say, I never made it to the CNN photoshoot. I did reply to the email explaining why I was missing it and asking if I could send them my own photo of myself in costume, so that I could still be featured...but I never received a reply. It was very badly done, in my opinion, but the weekend as a whole was so amazing that I refuse to be too disappointed about missing this opportunity.

And in the end, we were still a bit late for our 9:30 PM get-together - a Game of Thrones-themed wine and beer tasting! We had to run back to our hotel to pick up the beer and mead we were bringing, then stop at CVS for Steve to get some sort of blister pads. We arrived around 10 PM and spent the next couple of hours discussing Dragon*Con, the HBO Game of Thrones series, and of course, the Song of Ice & Fire books :) Poor Steve...I still haven't been able to get him to read them, and all weekend I was constantly ear-muffing him in an attempt to protect him from spoilers.

The wine & beer tasting was definitely an awesome idea, and many of us who were involved have hopes of making it an annual - and hopefully bigger - thing. Most of us even dressed up!

Two wedding Dany's!
Steve trying to have a non-GoT/ASOIAF conversation. Note the numerous bottles of wine off to the right! :D

Finally it was time to head back "home", though...I had another early-ish morning ahead of me for Sunday, and leaving around 1 AM seemed intelligent.

Until we got back to the hotel and ended up hanging around outside with random people - con-goers and Auburn fans alike - until 3 AM. Oops?

Hey, that's Dragon*Con for ya. And that's my Saturday at Dragon*Con, in full, finally! :) But before I move on to my Sunday posts, here's a full-length picture of me in my Daenerys Targaryen costume. I'm not quite small enough to be her (and I don't mean "thin" - I'm a tall, somewhat big-boned girl, and she is decidedly neither of those things) but I did enjoy sort of "being" her for a day...dragon's egg and all!

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  1. I didn't make it to the CNN thing either...because I totally forgot about it! I did get the e-mail with the new location (I am sort of a compulsive checker, damn you iPhone), and then was totally bummed when I completely spaced on it (these things happen at Con), but I am sorry that you had such a bad time with it. I sort of feel better having missed it, though, knowing that you also did--misery loves company, etc. =) Maybe it'll be better organized/advertised next year?