Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dragon*Con Part 9: Sunday Photoshoots

When my alarm went off Sunday morning, that 3 AM-ish bedtime suddenly felt like a very, very major "oops". But hey, what can you do? What was done was done and it was time for me to get myself read for a morning jam-packed with Game of Thrones photoshoots!

(And it didn't help that my Cersei gown takes about 20 minutes to lace up. No lie.)

Anyway, a group of Game of Thrones costumers had a private shoot at noon, followed by a second private shoot at one - but first we had decided to meet in the lobby of the Hilton, a general get-together to introduce ourselves and just hang out for a bit.

And wow...let's just say that this little meetup turned out interesting! No sooner had we gathered than suddenly people were taking pictures. And then more people were taking pictures. And then it got to the point where we literally had to call out that we were taking a break, or else we would have been standing there forever ;) Eventually we were able to head over to the Marriott, though, where we met up with Lionel Lum for our first private photo shoot! Now, I'm only going to share the pictures taken with my own camera (for now?) but here's a bit of a sneak peak...and yes, it was a blast, and it was just the beginning of a long morning/early afternoon of photo shoots!

Starks! Though I feel that Catelyn, Arya, Sansa & Robb should have pushed Jon off to the side and said, "No, Jon!" ;)
Awesome !ASHA!

Renly and his lovahs
Two sides of the same coin...
...aaand one of my personal favorites, and no, not just because I'm in shows Lionel at work!

Next it was on to the Sheraton for our second private photo shoot! We were also supposed to meet up with the "public" group photo shoot people, but when we arrived...they weren't there? Don't worry, we found out later what happened :-/ But first...more pictures!

Group photo!
What do people in Westeros do best? ;)
Dany, her khal, and that waaaaay too cute baby of theirs...haha
Steve Hunter S. Thompson came along to be my [un]official photographer
Small council
With my "little bird"
One word: TWINCEST.

So, phew, picture-heavy post! But unfortunately these pictures - like our photo shoot - have to come to an end. You see, apparently between Dragon*Con 2011 and Dragon*Con 2012, the Sheraton changed their policies about photo shoots...without any sort of notification, not even a blurb on their web page or a notice at check-in or a flyer somewhere...and now you need permission (which I'm guessing you have to pay for?) in order to do any sort of photo shoot-like activities there :-/ The larger Game of Thrones costuming group had found this out already and had removed themselves to the fifth floor of the Hilton, so once we figured out what had happened we planned on moving as well.

Unfortunately, it was already 1:45 PM...and I had somewhere to be at 2 PM. And the Hilton was quite a the wrong direction. I felt really bad but I had no choice other than to bow out of the rest of the shoot :(

But as disappointed as I was, having to make this decision...there is more fun - and there are, of course, more pictures - to come!
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