Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monthly 101 UpdateS: August & September

Well, I was so busy getting my Dragon*Con posts up at the beginning of September that I totally missed posting my August update for my 101 in 1001 list! Though to be honest it's really not that big of a deal because, well, between August and September I only completed three goals total :-/ I did however finally make a bit more progress on some of the goals I'd started working on quite some time ago - namely  "Read at least 50 books I haven't read before" and "Put together another recipe book/binder". In fact I likely could have finished the latter if I'd actually focused on doing so, but I suppose that's another story for another time.

As for what I *did* finish...

Attend another Star Wars/general comic type convention

I'm pretty sure I don't need to go into any more detail about Dragon*Con than I already have ;)

Mow the lawn

I suppose I should have taken a picture or something to prove that I actually did this, but no, I'd never mowed any yard before - and yes, I mean this literally, get your minds out of the gutter, folks. So anyway, I'd never mowed a lawn/yard before...until August of this year. And now I've actually done it twice. So there! ;)

Record 10 more general videos and post to YouTube

I've actually posted most of the videos that are on my YouTube channel here already, except for this one - which actually wasn't even the last video I posted, but as the most recent video that I uploaded was from Dragon*Con and I've already embedded it into a previous blog entry, no need to post it again I think. So here is a promotional video that I made for the band I was in from May to September of this year. I'm honestly not sure what's going on with it right now - sadly enough - because we're all on crazy different schedules and last I knew only had one show scheduled for October anyway, but I suppose it was fun while it lasted and who knows, maybe things will pick back up again for us sometime ::shrug::

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