Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to my 500th post!

Well, it's been a crazy busy weekend, and honestly I'm posting this entry very quickly because it's already 9:15 PM on Sunday night and I have a lot of crap to finish before I can go to bed tonight. Such is my life, these days...

Now, first things first, most of my free time lately has been dedicated to the aforementioned CONVENTION OF ICE & FIRE, for which I'm one of the organizers!

So far we've sold over half of our Dragon tickets (we're down to 13 from 32!). We still have plenty of Stag and Iron tickets left, though :) (and we will be able to give those who purchase Stag tickets a chance to purchase Friday night dinner, thus making the only differences between their package and the Dragon package the priority seating at the dinners and the size of the gift bags)

Rooms and cottages at Ravenwood will be open for general booking tomorrow to those who have purchased tickets to the convention, so obviously that's the next big step in our whole planning process. At the moment it's really all about promoting the thing, but I must admit that I'm looking forward to selling enough tickets/having enough rooms booked so that we can focus more on the schedule.

Speaking of ASOIAF, yesterday was "Robb & Cersei's Excellent [RenFaire] Adventure" at the Carolina RenFaire!

Made some minor adjustments to my Cersei costume, by the way ;)
Angry Robb is angry with his turkey leg.
I'm hoping to make some sort of silly YouTube video about our day at the RenFaire...we'll see. One good thing is that I got some information from some vendors and we handed out several flyers for the Convention of Ice & Fire. I tell ya, if anything organizing this convention is certainly helping to hone my marketing skills!

I know, I know, not much of a brou-ha-ha for my 500th post. But I will say that this convention is *very* important to me. Not only do I enjoy the series, but I love the fandom as a whole. I love the people it's introduced me "Robb" (also known as Matt) above, Valerie who is the other organizer for our convention, the amazing people who have volunteered to help out with the convention, the awesome people who stopped us at the RenFaire yesterday to talk about Game of Thrones and our costumes, the inspiration the books themselves have given me - in too many ways to list just now.

And now it's nearly 10 PM (yeah, I got distracted watching Titanic on Cinemax, what of it?) and I still haven't finished half of what I need to do before going to bed. So I'm off, and there ya 500th entry, almost entirely about my new "obsession" - our Convention of Ice & Fire in April 2013! Pin It

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