Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Review: Rules of Gentility by Janet Mullany

First things first: this novel really is a great quick, light read.


Now, I have to be honest - the story is pretty predictable and it's clear that many of the characters are empty "stock" characters. The author was apparently going for a Bridget Jones Diary meets Jane Austen/regency romance tale, and while in general I'll say she mostly succeeded, at the same time I'm a history buff and definitely found myself cringing at the number of things that happened throughout this novel that never would have happened in regency period England.

That said, though I was worried that the first-person, present-tense form would be awkward, it was actually refreshing and handled very well. I do think the ending was a bit awkward and rushed, but as I said in the very first sentence of this review ^^^, this book is a great light, quick read. Other reviewers (particularly on Amazon) mentioned that it's great for those who like chick lit or romance novels...personally, I'm not a big reader of either of those genres and the things I enjoyed about this book seem to be the things that those who gave it bad ratings did not like. Take that as you will. For my part, I think this novel rates a solid 3.5/5 stars for being witty - in a wry sort of way - and just generally fun.

"'I'm not a great believer in fits of passion either. They don't last, you see.'"

"It is quite clear to me that I must find a husband as soon as possible. But before I do, I should like Mr. Linsley to kiss me one more time. A few last moments of hot shivery indecency would not be so unwelcome."

"Repeat anything often enough and it becomes a meaningless jumble of sounds; eventually I shall be able to say those six words without pain. I am determined it shall be so." Pin It

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