Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ice & Fire Con Update!

Well, originally there was a slight ticket price for Ice & Fire Con scheduled to happen on November 1st, but as tickets had only been on sale for a little over a month us organizers decided it would be best to push that back a bit...therefore, ticket prices are still set at $45/$60/$75 through the end of November!

That said, due to a flurry of ticket sales in the past few days, we now have only *3* Dragon tickets available :) Of course, once those tickets are gone they are gone - but people who buy Stag or Iron tickets will have the ability to (at a later date) add the Friday night dinner to their ticket. The price for that will be an additional $15, which sets the Iron ticket price at $60 and the Stag ticket price at $75. However, Dragon ticket holders will still have a few perks that Stag and Iron tickets won't have - those being priority seating at the Saturday night feast and Friday night pub dinner, and a larger convention gift bag :) And even adding the Friday night dinner on is a first come, first serve thing once we open the option for people to do so. But the 21 Stag tickets that we have left do at least include the Saturday night feast!

Now, as I write this, so far as I know there are still two rooms available for booking IN the castle (the Empress Matilda and King Arthur suites), and three cottages still open as well (Cinderella's, Woodcutter's, and Clock Tower).

We're also starting to narrow down the schedule for the convention, which is exciting to me because it's the type of thing I enjoy and also sort of excel in ;) I definitely can't wait to start narrowing down the number of panel discussions and their subjects!

Anyway, I suppose I should try to fight my writer's block and work on my story for difficult when all that I can really think about is this convention ;) Pin It

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