Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Review: Greenville's Heritage by Judith T. Bainbridge

Greenville's Main Street circa 1910 - source -

The only place I've ever seen this book for sale is at the Mast General Store on Main Street in downtown Greenville. When I first stumbled across it I made note to look for it elsewhere, but numerous searches online - spread over a period of several months - revealed nothing. So I went back to Mast General and purchased a copy that was actually signed by the author. That part is pretty cool ;) Though to be honest I was disappointed that the few copies that Mast General had available were all in terrible condition.

Anyway, from what I can tell Greenville's Heritage was apparently printed through a local publisher. I'm not sure if it there were high costs in getting it printed or if it was printed to be a textbook, but regardless the price tag for this book is outrageous. Whether I'd purchased a signed copy or an unsigned copy, it would have cost me $30. I lusted after this book for *quite* some time and in the end it was basically purchased for me as a gift, or else I likely never would have owned a copy. I won't even pay $30 out of my own pocket for a brand-new, mint-condition hardcover book, let alone a new but inexplicably dog-eared signed copy of a paperback book.

But there I go, digressing again.

I'll admit that Greenville's Heritage wasn't *quite* what I expected, but in the end I did like that it wasn't a straight history book as I'm used to, but rather comprised of a bunch of short - and easy to read - essays/articles that the author has been writing for a column in the Greenville News since 1999. These articles are very informative, though some are far more interesting than others. I'm not sure that the organization of the articles into the book was the best; knowing that Bainbridge has been writing them for so long I have to imagine that some of the ones that were included could have been swapped out for ones that would fit better - mainly because some of the articles included were seriously outdated in terms of information pertaining to Greenville today, but also because some of them were simply about very specific things when more general historical articles would have served the book better. 3/5 stars. Pin It

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