Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monthly 101 UpdateS: October & November

So in September I missed my 101 post because I was busy posting about Dragon*Con...and in November I missed posting my October update because I was out of town...and then I came back and let myself get sucked in to NaNoWriMo ;) But hey, whatever, it makes for a slightly longer update post this month!

Now, I could lie a bit and say that I actually completed this first task...but somehow I think driving around the neighborhood a few times and driving home from downtown once (the back way, on top of that) does not count for me actually being proficient at driving a manual car. So...[Re-] learn how to drive stick is my current big Work In Progress for my 101 list. And honestly the fact that I got behind the wheel of a manual car and even tried to drive it is a *huge* step for me. Beyond huge. I won't get into why because honestly it's a bit of a sob story that doesn't need to be aired on a public blog.

Anyway, over the course of the past two months I completed a whole three goals! Wow, right?

(Yeah, I know it's actually a bit pathetic, but what can you do? I figure I'm somewhere between 55% and 65% done with my 1001 days, and I've completed 54 of my 101 goals (about 53%) so at least I'm not failing miserably...right? heh)

Go to 5 concerts (6/5) (Kenny Chesney, BB King & Buddy Guy, Miranda Lambert, Zoso, Galactic, The Who - technically completed on 10/31/12 but I saw The Who about a week later so I'm including them as well)

*Technically* my 5th of the 5 concerts I was supposed to attend...Galactic at Tipitina's in NOLA!
Put together another recipe book/binder - I honestly had enough new recipes that I'd actually made to put together one of these...shoot, months ago. At least. But it's time consuming to type them all up nice and neat (with my notated edits on the original pages that I printed out), which is why it wasn't finished until just a couple of weeks ago :) But now I have it in my kitchen with over 120 recipes inside...and that's in addition to the one that I put together a couple years ago that has over 100 recipes in it :)

Participate in NaNoWriMo - I suppose I could/should have made this goal a lot more difficult and had it be to participate in and win NaNoWriMo...

...but as I did BOTH those things I guess it doesn't much matter anymore!

I haven't actually finished the novel that I started for NaNo yet (which is actually another goal - to finish something that I've been working on, writing-wise)...but I'm close. At least 2/3 done, maybe more. So hopefully that goal will be completed soon too, and it will be very much thanks to NaNo if it is :)

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  1. Hi tara! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning. I am definitely a fan now after perusing it!