Sunday, December 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Still working on my NaNo Novel!

Well, I think I've decided that until I finish my NaNo novel, I'll continue posting little six sentence excerpts...because, well, why not? Of course, it could be another two months before I actually finish the thing, so...this decision may change ;) But for's another blurb!

She piled a plate with bacon, eggs, and warm bread – then, sure enough, handed him a cup of coffee. Before he could thank her, though, she continued, “You know, even though this area was still mostly wild when I arrived, enough of it had been settled that the Indians were gone. Most of the outlaws too, in fact…until Arthur Stiles showed up. But I suppose I should still be grateful that the worse thing I’ve had to fight is illness. It was cholera that took Mr. Baker from me, you see.”

“I…I’m sorry to hear that.”
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