Sunday, December 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Well, I think I've decided to continue Six Sentence Sundays through the end of the year, and then revisit the idea of posting excerpts from a different work...mainly because it may take me another month to *really and truly* finish The Way of Reckoning, and I don't want to give *too*  much away ;) So here is the second-to-last six sentence blurb that I'm going to share...of this W.i.P., anyway ;)

They didn’t ride in silence for anywhere near as long as William would have liked – Mac soon insisted on trying to make small talk, apparently to lighten the mood. “The women here in Mexico are amazin’, William. Big brown eyes, so soft they could melt the snow off the mountains in January. And the liquor’ll take the bite out of a frosty mornin’…we’ll sure have some fun if we set out to.”

“I’m here for Art Stiles, nothin’ else. I don’t need no distractions.”
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