Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Writer's Block Wednesday: A Christmas Recap

Let's get one thing straight - I hate traveling for the holidays. is, in a way, the easiest time to travel back to Connecticut. Because honestly, much as I love my friends and family up there, I don't much love the idea of using vacation days to return to the place where I grew up. It may sound bad, but I'd rather use my vacation days to visit new places. (And, let's face it, more interesting ones.)

Hanging out in Broad Brook, CT, with my BFF. Just saw her last week in Vegas, so again...very few reasons to make trips back to CT outside of our once-a-year major holiday trip.

We actually needed this little vacation. Of course we got to see Steve's parents (my in-laws), both sets of my grandparents, and a few of our friends...but we also got to laze around and do NOTHING. No dogs to walk. No kitty litter boxes to clean. No floors to vacuum, no dinners to cook, nothing nothing nothing. And thank God for that. All of it. We slept an average of 9.5-10 hours a night (which we pretty much never do)...and I even took a NAP on Monday! I can't remember the last time I took a nap, but chances are it was the last time I was sick, and I don't even remember when THAT would have been.

Too bad Christmas day actually did a bit of damage to all that rest we got ;) You see, first we went to the 11 PM Christmas Eve candlelight service at Ellington Congregational Church. Steve grew up in that church, and his dad is still...err...a deacon, there? Maybe? Something like that. Honestly I can't recall the last time I went to church, and it really was a nice service. It lasted until a little after midnight, and when we walked was SNOWING!

Had to take one with the flash so you could see the snowflakes falling :)

Better one of the beautiful old church in the center of our home town (Ellington CT)
I can't remember the last time I experienced a true "white Christmas"...and to be honest, living in South Carolina and not seeing snow all that often means that I get very, VERY excited when it DOES snow. No matter where I am. (You probably would do if you'd only seen proper snow maybe four times max in a period of 3+ years. Especially if you'd grown up in New England and were used to experiencing it on a regular basis.)

I kind of love how this picture is super blurry...EXCEPT for the gazebo in the town green. haha

Anyway, the excitement of the snow seemed to wake us up a bit, so even though we went back to Steve's parents' house and got ready for bed, we weren't sleepy until after we'd watched two episodes of Arrested Development. Which meant a 2 AM bedtime. And we woke up at 9:30 for presents with his parents, then to shower and head to Providence for Christmas dinner with the rest of the Grosses. I caught a quick nap in the car on the way to Rhode Island, but after about three hours of more food and presents and wine we had to rush to the airport for our 7 PM flight back to Charlotte. More wine. More Arrested Development. We landed in North Carolina just before 9 PM, made our way back to our car, and then had to drive an hour and twenty minutes back home to South Carolina, not making it until nearly 11 PM.

So. Thirteen and a half hours. Four states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina). Twenty degree temperature difference. Waking up to snow, going to bed with rain. Needless to say, I'm really, really happy to be home :) Pin It

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