Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Review: The Secret Holocaust Diaries by Nonna Bannister

I think it's important to note that The Secret Holocaust Diaries ended up in my hands because my mom read it and thought I would enjoy it. Now, generally my mother and I don't have the same taste in books, but I have to say that in this case at least - she was correct.


Now, the first thing that I want to note is that The Secret Holocaust Diaries is very different compared to other holocaust diaries and novels that I've read. Yes, it's a diary, it's a true story, it's definitely - sadly, in many ways - not fiction. But it's not a diary like that of Anne Frank - it can't be, really, because Nonna Bannister wasn't Jewish, nor did she hide away quite like the Frank family did.

I do feel the need to point out that this book was more about Nonna Bannister's childhood and life before the war than it was about what actually happened to her once she ended up as a prisoner of war. The portion of the book that was about her time in the labor camps was, to be honest, spotty and rushed - though this is quite understandable considering what she must have gone through.

All in all, The Secret Holocaust Diaries is a fresh, revealing, yet still very sad take on the atrocities committed during World War II. Anyone who is interested in that time period would benefit greatly from reading this book. 4/5 stars.

"I doubt that anyone reveals the whole truth about oneself, even in confession. There are things in everyone's life that are known only to oneself and our almighty Father God." Pin It

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