Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Monthly 101 Update: December

Well...I didn't really start on any new goals in December, but I did make a bit more leeway on a few - namely finishing one of my novels and reading 50 books I've never read before, though I also did a bit more rating of my music in iTunes as well :)

"Spend my birthday away from home/on vacation again (because hey, it's been at least three years since I went on vacation over/on my birthday!)" Accomplished for my 30th birthday - spent 12/12/12 - 12/16/12 in Las Vegas!

(And it was, not surprisingly, an absolutely amazing time)

[Re-] learn how to drive stick - well, I started re-learning on 11/23/12, but as I mentioned in my last 101 update, I didn't think I had spent enough time on it to say that I actually knew how to drive stick. Buuuuut...then I went and bought myself a stick-shift car on 12/7/12, and as I've been driving it ever since I think I can call this one accomplished (even though I'm not yet the most AMAZING stick-shift driver ;) )

New car! Oh, you think it's still the same ol' GTI? NOPE! First, note that it has a different front end. Second, note that it's an Autobahn version (which my 2008 GTI was *not*). Third, note the picture below...

See? Stick shift ;)

Pay off my car - This is the first time that I'm going to do something that I suppose could be considered "cheating" - I'm going to call this one accomplished, considering I sold my car for twice what I owed, thus paying it off. I did buy a new car, and yes, I did have to finance said new car, but the amount I financed it for is about equal to its depreciated value after driving it off the lot thanks to how much my old car was worth, so this was a win-win situation ;) And hey, I also helped Steve with a down payment on his new car. So there's that! Pin It

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