Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Ice & Fire Con logo...and meet "The Three Heads of the Dragon"!

First things first...I have to give a shoutout to the wonderful girl who has been designing all of our logos for Ice & Fire Con. Her name is Trista and she's an incredibly talented artist, both graphically and with costumes, as well as in other mediums :) Here is her latest creation for Ice & Fire Con:

Long story short, we were having a hard time deciding whether to put the wolf, dragon, OR raven on the stemless wine glasses that are going in the Dragon gift bags (and that will be sold as souvenirs in our convention store!)...so we decided to combine all three. I love that it symbolizes two of the major Westerosi houses (Stark and Targaryen, of course) but incorporates the raven as well, which to be honest was my favorite of the Ice & Fire Con logos so far :)

Anyway, you can see Trista's online portfolio here!

We've also made some slight updates/changes to the main Ice & Fire Con website - including adding some little blurbs about us organizers (myself, Valerie, and Matt). Now, despite our "titles", we're a true democracy - the "three heads of the dragon", if you will - and it's been nothing short of a pleasure planning this convention with these two fine people...

...Matt and I are getting together in person this weekend and will be Skyping with Valerie in hopes of finalizing as much as possible in regards to the Ice & Fire Con schedule. There's *so* much I'd like to post about right now, but unfortunately there's a few more things for us to discuss before we can announce certain events to the public. So...stay tuned, I guess? ;)
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