Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One more Ice & Fire Con update for good measure? ;)

I promise that I've got some not-Ice-&-Fire-Con related posts coming up this week, really I do, buuut we did have a big information release this past weekend...the convention schedule, to be exact :)

You can view said schedule - which is subject to changes, of course, but hopefully only *slight* ones - in two places. The first being via the Schedule link on the main website; the second being as a downloadable Excel file in our Facebook group. I highly suggest viewing the latter over the former, as it's simply a much easier-to-read document...our website is unfortunately a bit limited at the moment.

I also made a video explanation of our schedule, but it doesn't include every bit of information because I had enough trouble keeping it under 20 minutes as is, haha. Yes, I am fully aware that my edits cut me off at times...that's on purpose as I made this at like 11 PM Saturday night, and Saturday was to say the least a *very* long day for me. So check out the schedule on our website or Facebook group, watch my video if you want, and feel free to contact me/us with any questions (either on Facebook or by email to iceandfirecon (at) gmail (dot) com.

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