Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Funday: All Over the Upstate

Seriously, I drove all over a huge chunk of upstate South Carolina today.

I actually got up early - way too early for a weekend morning, if you ask me - and met my sister to go to the Anderson Jockey Lot. The Jockey Lot is actually the largest one of its kind in the southeast. It's a flea market, mind you...I'd never heard the term "Jockey Lot" until I moved to South Carolina.

And I've never been to this one. Flea markets honestly aren't my thing, though there's also one on White Horse Road in Greenville that has proved a wonderful place to find Nintendo consoles, so cheers to that, I guess ;)

Anyway. It was cloudy for much of the day, but it was also warm. Seriously, over 70 degrees. We were a bit late arriving at the Jockey Lot thanks to some bad directions, but at least our trip proved...interesting. My sister got what she went for; I found some local honey with honeycomb included, which was a good buy in my book. "Dog Row" - which would more appropriately be called "Puppy Row" bothered the heck out of me, though - basically a bunch of puppies, some purebred and some not, crammed into wire cages (many of which were far too small) and being sold for anywhere from $50 to $300. Many of the sellers had signs saying that the dogs had been dewormed and had had their shots, which I can only hope were true.

I don't know, generally I suppose that I just shouldn't get into this. The sight of all of those puppies for sale bothered me, the fact that the Jockey Lot even has a "Dog Row" bothered me even more, but it's not a rant that I want to get into right now...because this is Sunday Funday after all ;)

Once I got home, Steve and I decided to go downtown for dinner. We very, very rarely go out to eat...but it's restaurant week, so we splurged a bit with dinner at Larkin's on the Water. The entire meal was great, but the highlight was probably the creme brulee...because it's the first properly cooked creme brulee that I've had that wasn't made either in France, or by Steve ;)

It also helps that when we walked out of the restaurant we were greeted with a lovely view...

...I really do love our little city. Which, by the way, was recently named one of Southern Living magazine's 10 Tastiest Towns! What better way to celebrate than a dinner at one of Greenville's best restaurants, right?

Now we're home having a lazy movie night. This was a much busier Sunday than what I'm used to, but it was also a very, very good one! Pin It

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