Friday, February 1, 2013

Monthly 101 Update: January

Oh man. I tried to finish more than two goals this month, really I did...guess I'll just have to buckle down in February! But here's what I *did* get done:

Leave/write an inspirational note in a book and then donate it - completed 1/29/13. In fact, I actually donated several books and at least two of them had inspirational notes in them ;) I thought about taking a picture but then I decided that I'd rather not have anyone know what books I donated. Also don't want to admit where I donated them to. I just feel like if a person picked up the book and found the inspirational note, maybe it wouldn't mean as much if they knew it was part of my 101 in 1001 project? Maybe that's silly. I don't know.

Read at least 50 books that I've never read before (50/50) - This one took me *way* longer than it should have, but that's my own fault. I just HAD to re-read the Harry Potter series before the final movie came out, after all. And then I got sucked into the Song of Ice & Fire series and spent like six months reading and re-reading those. But I finally told myself "no more re-reads until you've met this goal" and just a few days ago I finally finished my 50th new book - that being Something Blue by Emily Giffin. Now, I actually haven't yet posted reviews for the last few books that I read, but if you go to my books tag there are plenty of other reviews there to check out ;)

Go 24 hours without swearing - Okay. By including this one I *may* be cheating a little, but honestly? It's IMPOSSIBLE to really keep track of this! I swear a LOT. Too much, in fact. Hence having this as a goal in the first place. It's sad, it's bad, but what can you do. Still, while I have no way to prove this, I have been trying REALLY hard recently to swear less. And most of the time it's working. So that I can at least say there was one point I went probably...16 to 18 hours without swearing. And if I went that long, it's very likely that I've gone 24 hours or more without doing so. Therefore, I'm going to allow myself to cheat a bit and call this one completed. But I'll also continue watching my mouth...promise!

So anyway, here's to February...and to the plans I've already made (and the hope that I am able to accomplish a few more 101 in 1001 goals, of course)!

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