Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Funday: North Carolina/Zombie (?) Style

I'm an annual passholder for the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina...and I had some free passes that needed to be used by the end of Steve and I took a random day trip today :)

(I have to be honest, I *really* wanted to bring my Cersei gown and take some pictures, but unfortunately my wig was in such a dire state that there was no reason to even bother trying. In the end I was glad that I didn't bring it, because it was *crowded* there today.)

We didn't make reservations to get into the house early enough, so instead we spent our first hour and a half or so wandering the shops and eating lunch at the Stable Cafe (never a disappointment!). I tried a glass of the Biltmore wine with my lunch as well, but I have to be honest...their wines are kind of awful. No matter how many I try, I'm never impressed. Sad, because I'd really like to be able to promote a local-ish winery the way I promote local (and local-ish) breweries...but in this case, it's just a no-go.

After that I practiced with my DSLR in the gardens/conservatory. I hadn't had time to even touch the thing since our trip to New Orleans at the beginning of November last year, so to say I'm rusty is probably still giving me too much credit ;)

After my little "photo tour" of the conservatory, we made our way to the winery for the free tasting...buuut there was a line, and we could tell it was at least a 20 minute wait. Not being super fond of the Biltmore wines anyway, we decided to head down to Cedric's Tavern for a drink before coming back to Greenville.

However, even that one drink turned into a bit of a hassle :-/ Steve ordered an old fashioned, and with as much as we travel we have never paid that much for an old fashioned. Not in New Orleans. Not in Vegas. Not in Charleston. Not at ski resorts in Idaho and Montana. Nowhere. Seriously, it was over $20! I had a beer that was $5.50. At lunch my glass of wine was $8. The menu listed the most expensive liquor as $17 (for a shot, I'm guessing), but that was Scotch and an old fashioned contains bourbon. Needless to say, after paying that bill we were none too happy and ready to get out of there.

It's all good though, because there's a new Walking Dead episode tonight, and you [should] know what that means...

(Hey, it *is* Sunday Funday, after all!) Pin It

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