Friday, February 15, 2013

Tara's Hardcore Walking Dead Drinking Game...with Super-Hardcore Additions!

Okay, I know that there are probably tons of Walking Dead drinking games out there...but I'm a viewer who joined this game a bit late, so they say, and so came up with my own version. From scratch, mind you, though I'm certain that if there are Walking Dead drinking games out there, they include some of these - or at least variations of some of them.

Now, when I started forming this drinking game, it was based on drinking beer...which meant that I was taking hearty swigs, and not of Miller Lite or Bud Light or Coors Light or anything else cheap and watery. So when I say "take a drink every time..." you should *probably* choose the type of drink you take (sip, swig, shot, whatever) based on *what* you're drinking...and on how well you handle your alcohol ;) I am not responsible for how you feel at the end of this game, should you choose to play it...capisce?

Also, assume that there are spoilers for all aired episodes throughout this post.

So without further ado...
(and just in time for the weekend, heh)

Drink every time...

~ Rick does something ridiculously noble/heroic (note: it has to be BOTH ridiculous and noble/heroic, not that those two things are mutually exclusive at all when Rick is involved) ~

~ Shane creeps on Rick, Lori, or Carl ~

~ They encounter a horde of zombies ~

~ Daryl does something [surprisingly?] awesome ~

~ Carl wanders off/they lose track of him ~

~ Lori makes THAT FACE. Don't play with me, you know what face I'm talking about ~

~ A character we've met as a human turns into a zombie and we actually see it happen and/or see that character as a zombie ~

~ They call T-Dog 'T-Dog'. And if his real name is actually used, finish your drink! (Seriously though, why can't they use the guy's real name???) ~

~ You find out that someone is keeping a zombie or zombies around as a pet, for experiments, whatever ~

~ The main group has to change locations because ZOMBIES! (or because the CDC blows up. or because it's not safe. or just because whatever reason Rick and/or Shane has given them) ~

~ Andrea tries to be badass and fails (i.e. "the Dale incident") ~

~ Michonne side-eye glares at someone or something. Just like with "the Lori look", you should know what I mean, here... ~

(note: this particular situation also counts for the zombie pets, so technically you'd have to drink two!)

~ People in the group have a pointless serious talk (that inevitably leads nowhere) ~ 

~ A woman is shown cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or any other task that apparently only women can do in the post-apocalyptic world ~

Now if you're really brave...try these Super Hardcore Additions on for size ;) and drink every time...

~ Rick or Lori says (or rather, drawls) Carl's name. because come ON ~

~ Someone smashes a zombie's head in/shoots a zombie in the head/chops a zombie's head off/etc. etc. etc. - and yes, I mean every. single. time. That's what makes this a super hardcore addition, folks ~

~ Someone calls/refers to a zombie or zombies as the following:
Season 1: Geek/Geeks
Season 2: Walker/Walkers
Season 3: Biter/Biters ~

~ And shoot, since we're going for the "faces that the same characters make over and over and over again" theme, for good measure, drink every time Dale does his weird bug-eyed thing ~

~ In fact, you might as well drink every time that you predict that a character will die and they do. Or don't. Just drink, okay? ~

And you know, drink responsibly, and all that stuff. You wouldn't want to be dead to the world (heh, see what I did there?) when the zombies come a-wanderin', -bitin', -roamin', or whatever else they do.
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