Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writer's Block Wednesday: A Hobbit-Themed Questionnaire! (part 3)

Part 3 here, of the Hobbit-Themed Questionnaire that I found on tumblr...and only one more week to go after this :)

(Previous installments: Part 1 - Part 2)

Dori: Tell a funny customer service story.

Honestly? It's been a long time since I worked in customer service...though I will say that if sales counts (as I did have to deal with customers, of course) I had a few doozies back in 2009. For example, people who would get angry with me when I quoted them something and they came back 3 months later and the item was sold or the price was no longer good. Or the time it took me about three business days to make one of our customers understand that no, we could not ship their order via FedEx, as it was coming from our German warehouse and FedEx (for some reason) doesn't ship within German borders (i.e. from one German address to another).  And then there was a person from whom I had to request *four* copies of a PO before they had everything correct on it.

So yeah, none of those are really "funny" per se. And they're more "dealing with customer" stories than "customer service" stories. Ah well :)

Nori: Are you the center of attention in your circles, or do you rarely speak?

Um...I don't *need* to be the center of attention, or even necessarily *want* to be...but I'm definitely not the type to "rarely speak" ;)

(Though I have to admit, I also like being on stage - singing, I mean - so I guess that's basically being the center of attention?)

Ori: When was the last time you felt completely unprepared for something?

Oh gosh...this past Friday night! I auditioned with a new band last week and they invited me to come sing live with them on Friday...three of the songs I was singing I've not sung live in many many many years, and though I had lyrics I had no music stand so it's not like I could even see said lyrics :-/ I still had fun though :) Not sure if it will work out because it's a house band that plays every Friday and Saturday, and I *do* travel a lot, but hey, we'll see! If it's meant to be it's meant to be, and all that.

Oin: Have you ever had a dream about the future that came true?

I...don't really know? I've definitely had deja vu! Weirdly enough, waaay back in like...2007...a time when Steve and I weren't even in any sort of communication with each other, and hadn't been for nearly two years...I had a dream that I was camping with him, my ex-high-school-boyfriend/friend *E*, and several other guys from our high the dream, *E* had to leave the camping trip, but he was supposed to come back and never did.

I think there were several other parts to it, but those are the most important bits and pieces, because in 2009 I went on a camping trip. With Steve. And *E*. And several other guys from our high school. *E* had to leave to go to work for a couple of days or something; he was supposed to come back, but made his excuses and never did. There were some differences in the dream and what actually happened, of course (shoot, many of the details I don't even really remember)...but this is the closest I've come to "having a dream about the future that came true".

Actual camping trip with Steve and *E*, July 2009

Gloin: Have you ever held a grudge on someone else's behalf - i.e., you weren't the one who was wronged, but a family member, friend, etc?

Ohhh definitely. Mostly with my sisters, but with some other very close friends as well. What can I say, I hate seeing the people I love get hurt - especially when those who hurt them won't just leave them be, even after the damage is done.

Gollum: What is one of your most precious material possessions?

Thranduil: Tell us about your most fabulous feature.

Elrond: Would you rather invite people to your place, or go to someone else's house to hang out?

Radagast: If you could have any ability, what would you choose and why?

Galadriel: Is there anyone in your life with whom you can communicate almost without words?

Smaug: If you could trade places with any villain for a day, who would it be, and what would you do? Pin It


  1. You look awesome on stage!! And I LOVE your dress!!

    1. Thank you! That dress is actually like 4.5 years old...I'm shocked it still fits haha