Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writer's Block Wednesday: A Hobbit-Themed Questionnaire! (part 4)

Well, here we are at the end of all things...

Nah, just kidding, it's only the end of this questionnaire :) Originally posted on tumblr by user jmrichards, I shipped it over here to this blog because I thought it was different, interesting, and...deserving of being somewhere other than tumblr, I guess?

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 all had 5 questions each, but this week I'm rounding off the series with the last *6* questions...

Gollum: What is one of your most precious material possessions?

Once upon a time my answer to this would have been "my photo albums"...but I haven't printed a photo out and put it in an album (or even a photobook) for several years now. I guess I'd say that my most prized possession is therefore my computer - not because of WHAT it is but because it has all sorts of important things stored on it. Photos, of course, but also a lot of my writing.

(Of course it probably helps that I do actually love my MacBook Pro and it's awesome orange cover.)

Thranduil: Tell us about your most fabulous feature.

Umm...I guess this question wants an answer in the form of a physical feature?

I like my nose a lot, but sometimes I can't get past the fact that it's a little too pointy ;) And beyond that, I'm not really sure that a nose can ever be considered "fabulous". I guess in the end I'll go with my eye color - my eyes are technically green, I suppose, but they're more of a blue-green/Caribbean sea color...their color is just different, and probably the only truly striking thing about me.

Elrond: Would you rather invite people to your place, or go to someone else's house to hang out?

Honestly, it depends. Generally I do prefer to invite people to my place simply because I enjoy entertaining (and I also hate driving…haha). Buuuut I will admit that I’m way too busy for my own good sometimes and therefore the cleanliness of my house suffers…soooo if I don’t have time to give at least the common areas a once over before having a get-together, I guess in that case I’d rather go to someone else’s house.

Radagast: If you could have any ability, what would you choose and why?

Can I say better/proper/perfect concentration? Is that even an "ability"?

If not, I suppose that a more proper answer would be something like "the ability to just. get. shit. done." Which involves more focus and concentration than I usually have, unfortunately. Hence why I leave for MegaCon a week from today and still need to sew my Starbuck belt together, make my Cersei belt, *and* paint my Master Fay tabards. Hence why I still need lyrics for almost every song that I sing when I perform with a band - any band - even if they're songs I've been singing on a regular basis for months. (Though that's probably more of a memorization problem, I guess.)

I don't know, I'm sure it sounds boring to want something like this, and maybe it's just that I don't try hard enough. But hey, if I had such an ability, I wouldn't have to try as hard as I do, or harder, right? ;)

Galadriel: Is there anyone in your life with whom you can communicate almost without words?

My sisters, Steve, and probably Jenna to an extent.

I mean, my sisters are my sisters and they've been in my life for 28 and 25.5 years, respectively. Not to mention the fact that we lived together until I was, you know, nearly 18. You pick up on stuff in those long amounts of time.

Steve...we've just...always had that sort of connection? And we generally have the same opinions about everything, or at least about 99-ish% of things, which helps as well.

Jenna, well, she's been my BFF for nearly 12 years now. It comes with the territory.

Smaug: If you could trade places with any villain for a day, who would it be, and what would you do?

Ohhh that's a difficult one! Partly because I feel like it would be hard to choose, but also partly because some of the characters I'm thinking of may not *technically* be referred to as villains. Plus, I mean, villains [almost] always meet their demise in the end, right? At least in literature/movies/etc.

So for this one, I suppose that I have two answers.

My first would be the Wicked Witch of the West/Elphaba/Evanora/whatever else she's been referred to. Mainly because there have been different versions of her, and I'd want to spend my day figuring out what's what. Plus maybe hanging out with those Flying Monkeys.


My second would be HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I don't even like that movie (whatever, don't hate), and yeah, HAL was the bad guy...but come on. I want to see if he really felt it. (You know what I mean.)


And that's the end of the questionnaire! Sadly...because now I need to come up with something else for Writer's Block Wednesday next week. Or hey, maybe I won't have writer's block and therefore won't have to do that at all :D
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