Friday, March 15, 2013

Your Regularly Scheduled Ice & Fire Con Update ;)

Today's Ice & Fire Con update is actually brought to you by a very special idea that was the brainchild of two wonderful ladies named Cavalyn and Dani, as well as myself, Matt, and Valerie...

Though The Order of the White Raven is still in its planning stages, we [should, *hopefully*] have an official website set up sometime this month, and the official unveiling will of course take place at Ice & Fire Con :D For now, though, we do have a Facebook page to keep you up to date on what's going on with this new ASOIAF/GoT fan group :)

What is The Order of the White Raven, you ask?

We're a Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones social network organization composed of and operated by ASOIAF/GoT fans :)

Basic Information
THE ORDER OF THE RAVEN is a non-profit group; even a family of sorts. We come from all over the world and all different walks of life, and we all contribute in our own different ways - but the end-all and be-all is that we're in this to meet like-minded fans who love and support the series as much as we do - fans who don't just want to hide behind a computer arguing theories and writing fanfic. Not that we have problems with either of those things - but this *is* a group for people who want to meet other fans in person, be it at Ice & Fire Con, other major conventions (Dragon*Con, Comic Con, MegaCon, KatsuCon, etc. etc. etc.), or just local/local-ish get togethers.

Our mission is to have a fun time, whether it be by discussing aspects of the series, watching (and possibly complaining about) the TV show, or dressing up as our favorite characters (or even the characters we love to hate).
General Description
We're a laid-back fan group that's come together from different parts of the world to rally behind this phenomenal series. We believe that while membership numbers are great, it's not necessary for this group to get bigger just for the sake of those numbers. We just want to meet awesome, unpretentious fans (preferably in real life, but hey, online is fine too!) - people who want to hang out with us, discuss ASOIAF with us, and party with it at the next major con, our very own Ice & Fire Con, a local RenFaire, or however we can think to get together!

Some of us are bigger fans of the books. Some of us are bigger fans of the show. We love costuming either/or, but that's not a necessity if you want to hang with us. Are you getting that laid-back vibe yet? We hope so ;)

Full Mission Statement

We want to be organized, but we don't want to obsess over organizational details and thereby lose sight of the fun aspects of being fans of ASOIAF/GoT. There are probably some fandom groups out there that would better suit your fancy if you want more membership restrictions and/or a stricter code of conduct. We've got a bit of everything in us - the hedge knight, the man of the Night's Watch, the sellsword, the small council, the Lord, the Lady, the wildling, the Dothraki.

And let's not lie, the best way to mature as a group is by meeting people in person. Our idea of recruitment is finding other laid-back folks who can take a deep breath and not cause drama if someone hates their favorite character or thinks their favorite 'ship is weird (I mean really - pretty much all ASOIAF 'ships are weird).

We love being social at cons and leaving them having gotten to know some great new people. This group is about making new friends and maintaining those - and our longer-term - friendships, which is more important than making a name for ourselves.

The Order of the Raven is for discussing new and upcoming installments of both the Song of Ice & Fire book series and the Game of Thrones television show, for organizing gatherings at future conventions, getting others addicted to the series, and expanding costuming knowledge...amongst other activities. Above all, we wouldn't be doing ourselves - or the fandom - any favors by being elitists or taking things too seriously. The series itself is serious enough as it is, no?
As I mentioned, the official unveiling of this fan group will happen at Ice & Fire Con, and I'm totally stoked for it - because it will also help us gather fans together at major conventions as well (hopefully)! All Ice & Fire Con attendees will have the opportunity - should they wish to take it - of being inaugural members of The Order of the White Raven. So this is yet another awesome thing that's happening at Ice & Fire Con 2013, April 26-28 at Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth, Ohio.
Don't have your Ice & Fire Con ticket(s) yet? That's okay, because we still have several options available!

1) Copper Star Tickets - These are our Saturday only tickets, good for admission between 10 AM and 10 PM on Saturday April 28th. They are priced at $30 each.

2) Copper Sword Tickets - If you are a gamer, this partial-weekend option is the ticket for you! The Copper Sword tickets are $45 each and grand admission on Friday April 26th from 4 PM until 10 PM, and on Saturday April 28th from 10 AM until 10 PM. Our gaming tournament starts Friday night, so if you want to play the Game of Thrones board game at Ice & Fire Con, this is the ticket you need to buy.

3) The very special THERE IS LITERALLY ONLY ONE OF THESE AVAILABLE "Hosted" Package. You *must* contact me directly if you are interested in this option - by emailing taralynne1213 (at) gmail (dot) com :) This package starts at $215, is the *only* way to get a full-weekend ticket to Ice & Fire Con, and includes the following:

- Full weekend admission to Ice & Fire Con  
(first unofficial event begins at 11:30 AM on Friday April 26th; registration starts at 3 PM that day - and the convention runs until 1 PM on Sunday April 28th)
- Accommodations for Friday & Saturday night in my cottage
 (You will have roommates - myself and my friends - but you won't have to sleep on the floor, we have plenty of beds! This is the reason we are calling the package a "Hosted" Package - you'll be staying with me, one of the organizers, so I'll therefore be hosting you all weekend :D )
- Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday mornings
- Friday night pub dinner
- Saturday night feast
The ticket amount of $100 would be due immediately; the remaining $115 would not be due until just before the convention :)
(Also, as I have the cottage booked for Thursday night as well, for an additional $35 you are welcome to arrive that night - making the three-night accommodation package total $250, with $150 of it not due until just before the convention.)

*** JUST 42 DAYS UNTIL ICE & FIRE CON 2013!!! ***
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