Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coffee Maker Emergency: Bed Bath & Beyond to the Rescue!

Before I tell the following story, I have to note one very important thing: Steve and I are Coffee People. Caps necessary. Not because we know a ton about coffee. Not because we buy the most expensive coffee out there. We simply like coffee - a lot - and drink it i - a lot. And we know how we want our coffee to be made. Whole beans, burr grinder, and all that.

For the longest time, though, we had a cheap coffee maker. Well, I say "for the longest time" when I guess that in the scheme of things it wasn't all that long...but it was at least for the first two to two and a half years of our relationship. Finally, sometime around Christmas 2010, that cheap coffee maker kicked the bucket...and armed with some gift certificates and coupons (thanks to our wedding and the holidays) we marched our way down to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked out the Cuisinart DGB-900BC Burr Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker.

...and we loved that damn coffee maker. Well, minus the pot, which had several issues - despite being thermal, coffee would grow lukewarm within 30 minutes and cold within an hour, and the top was a huge pain in the butt to remove when you wanted to clean the thing. Still, having gone from a $20 coffee maker to a nearly-$300 one...the differences were obvious and mostly positive ;) You can now get this particular Cuisinart coffee maker for just $200, but when we bought it, it was priced at about $280, from what I remember.

However, I'm not quite sure I'd suggest purchasing the Cuisinart DGB-900BC, and here's why...

I know not to expect a coffee maker - even a nearly-$300 one - to last forever. But I *do* expect it to last longer than the $20 coffee makers I previously owned, which this one did not.

I also expect that it won't fail so miserably that there would be serious danger of it burning down our house, which this one did. Fail, I mean, not burn down our house. Thank God.

You see, Tuesday morning when it made its pot of coffee as scheduled, Steve and I noticed a very strange smell in the kitchen. It was obvious that the stench was coming from the coffee maker, but that morning we didn't have time to do anything other than unplug it. And hey, the pot that it brewed tasted just fine...though we didn't use it the next morning (yesterday morning, I mean), just in case.

Fast forward to last night, when Steve finally had time to unscrew the base in an attempt to find the problem. Now, unfortunately neither one of us took pictures of what we saw, but let me tell you about the minor panic attack that I had when I saw that a 1.5 inch area of the metal tube where the water is boiled had melted into a giant blob! Obviously this happened on Tuesday morning - the metal melting had to have been that stench we smelled - and since seeing it last night I keep having to remind myself not to think about what could have happened. We only ever run the coffee maker when we're home, and yes, we have a fire extinguisher in our kitchen, but that doesn't make me feel much better about the fact that thing could have started a fire!

Needless to say, we'd already gone one morning without coffee (blasphemy, in our world) Steve dug out the box and brought the coffee maker back to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Let me be *very* clear here - Bed Bath & Beyond owed us *nothing* in regards to this coffee maker. They were not the manufacturer, and on top of that, they sold the thing to us over two years ago! The main reason Steve went back is because the receipt that we found was so faded that you couldn't even tell that there was a coffee maker on it. Heh. Anyway, having had to call up a store for an old receipt before (long, long story), we were hoping that if we brought the coffee maker - in its box, which still had the little Bed Bath & Beyond security sticker on it - to the store, they would be able to look it up somehow.

Unfortunately, as it turned out they couldn't find the receipt...but despite the fact that Steve asked nothing else of them, the customer service employee offered to let him return the coffee maker for store credit! $212 of store credit, to be exact, which I can only assume is what the DGB-900BC costs now (plus tax).

And with that store credit, Steve turned right around and purchased a new coffee maker for us...of course ;) This time we went with Breville - we have a Breville espresso machine that we love that has lasted us for over four years now, after all. Specifically, Steve picked out the Breville YouBrew Glass CoffeeMaker with Built-In Grinder (model #BDC550XL).

Needless to say, considering the fact that Bed Bath & Beyond owed us nothing, I cannot express how happy I am with them. I posted about this situation on Facebook last night, and several people commented saying that they'd had similar apparently this isn't even a one-time thing :) Of course there's always the possibility that they did more for us because Steve showed up with a broken coffee maker that had clearly been faulty and also could have burned down our house, but regardless, I cannot express enough how happy I am with Bed Bath & Beyond. I've always liked them just fine before now, but at this point they've earned a customer for life! Pin It

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