Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere: Part 1

After having such an awesome time with my Game of Thrones Season 2 Premiere Day last year (so awesome that it took that it took three blog entries to sum up - check them out! part one ~ part two ~ part three), I knew that doing it all over again for Season 3 was a must...and while I hoped that I'd only need two posts to gush about my weekend, turns out it's actually going to take three. Exciting, I know...haha.

First things first...Steve was kind enough to call around last Friday (March 29th, I mean) and then head out to pick up some of that coveted Game of Thrones beer by Ommegang Brewery :D

I had worn my Hound's helm shirt that day simply because I was excited for a Game of Thrones-filled weekend...but maybe it was some sort of lucky charm, because Steve [obviously] found some of the beer - and even bought *six* bottles of it!

Admittedly, I couldn't wait until Sunday to try it ;) We popped one open Friday evening and to be honest I was *very* pleasantly surprised. Now, I've always enjoyed Ommegang's beers...yet I couldn't help but be a bit worried that this one wouldn't be worth the hype.

The verdict? It definitely was. It's a lighter ale with an almost citrusy taste, yet it has a dry finish that keeps it from being too sweet. The balance is seriously just right, and I rarely say that about, well, any beer. Does it bring to mind Game of Thrones for any reason outside of the marketing/label? Nah, not really. But a good beer is a good beer is a good beer, right? ;)

Anyway, on Saturday night we watched the Season 1 finale...and on Sunday morning we got up, put together Inn at the Crossroads' "Breakfast on the Wall", and started our Season 2 re-watch!

"When day broke, Jon walked to the kitchens as he did every dawn. Three-Finger Hobb said nothing as he gave him the Old Bear's breakfast. Today it was three brown eggs, boiled hard, with fried bread and ham steak and a bowl of wrinkled plums." - A Game of Thrones

Now USUALLY I do not shy away from sharing recipes on my blog, no matter where they come from. Part of that reason is because (a) I always make slight changes - seriously, I can't remember a recipe where I didn't change SOMETHING, whether it be adding more of an ingredient or omitting an ingredient or outright changing the way the dish is cooked; and (b) it's next to impossible for recipes to be copyrighted anyway so there's really not any worries about copyright infringement ::shrug::

In this case, however, I have a *huge* amount of respect for the girls who run Inn at the Crossroads - for being such fans of this series that they created/collected recipes based on mere quotes from the books, for sharing so many of those recipes on their website, and for then earning such recognition that they were able to publish the Feast of Ice & Fire cookbook.

(And on top of that, they were awesome enough to plug Ice & Fire Con for us.)

As I said, our Season 2 re-watch started with breakfast...and *wow* had I forgotten how much I hated most of the changes that they made in regards to that season being based on A Clash of Kings.

But hey, that's what wine is for, right? (Forgetting, I mean.) Next up: a very different dinner...and wine, of course!
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