Thursday, April 4, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere: Part 2

Several hours of Season 2 later, I took a break to throw together what turned out to be an amazing dinner, once again courtesy of the Inn at the Crossroads cookbook, A Feast of Ice & Fire :) Now I don't mean to be a tease, but as I said in my last entry...out of respect for the two amazing women who put together the Inn at the Crossroads website and later, the cookbook, I won't be sharing these cookbook-exclusive recipes here in my public blog. Seriously, just go by the's a beautiful book in and of itself, and if you're a Game of Thrones/Song of Ice & Fire fan it belongs in your collection, anyway :)

The main course was Aurochs Roasted with Leeks...

"Such food Bran had never seen; course after course after course, so much tht he could not manage more than a bite or two of each dish. There were great joints of aurochs roasted with leeks, venison pies..." - A Clash of Kings

Can you believe the size of that leek?! (I should probably note that for a girl, I have ridiculously large hands, or otherwise you may think that this leek is fairly normal...) I bought the leeks for this particular recipe at Whole Foods, and they were seriously three times the size of the ones I buy at our usual supermarket (Bi~Lo...ugh)

Now...I will admit that the recipe calls for a few pounds of top round beef, or...BISON! I've had bison before, and I knew it was delicious, so when I saw that they had some at Whole Foods it was like...fate. It had to happen. I had to buy and cook that gorgeous chunk of meat.

Beautiful, isn't it??? :) And this was definitely one of the easiest recipes in the Feast of Ice & Fire far. Their cook time wasn't right for bison, called for roasting a three-pound chunk of meat at 400 degrees for one hour...which may have been okay for regular beef, but bison - being a more dense, less fatty meat - needs longer. My bison shoulder cut was 2.77 pounds (from what I remember) and it took an hour and a half of cook time and then 15 minutes of sitting before it was cooked to medium-rare...which was fine with me because I like my meat good and bloody ;)

I was already into the wine before dinner, but what can I say? A good Cabernet was perfect with this meal!

Even though I was stuffed full of meat and veggies (and probably enjoying my wine way too much...), I'd thrown dessert in right when dinner finished cooking, and soon enough it was ready...Baked Apples, and to be precise I used Cameo apples and served them with Naked Goat Cheese, which was an awesome match. I was very proud of myself as I chose the cheese with nothing but my own knowledge ;)

"[T]here were baked apples and berry tarts and pears poached in strong wine. Wheels of white cheese were set at every table, above and below the salt, and flagons of hot spice wine and chilled autumn ale were passed up and down the tables." - A Clash of Kings
One thing I will say is that the Cameos were the "firmest, tartest" apples I could find - which was the general type of apple that this recipe called for - yet the cooking time was too long for them :-/ They were supposed to be baked for an hour, but 45 minutes would have sufficed (or possibly even still been too much)

Dinner and dessert may have been over, but our Season 2 re-watch was not...unfortunately, I hadn't timed things quite right, and between that and other things that I needed to do on Sunday...well, you'll find out more in the third and final installment of my Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere story! ;) Pin It

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  1. Oh my gosh, that meal looks delicious. I love leeks, and that was one of abnormal size. Thanks for the pictures.