Friday, April 5, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere: Part 3

So besides a ton of awesome themed food and a Season 2 re-watch, of course my day had to consist of some Ice & Fire Con stuff ;) My friend Matt came by for dinner and to watch the show with us, and after we ate he and I [sort of] donned our Cersei and Matt costumes to record a little video for an Ice & Fire Con 2014 fundraiser/kickstarter. I haven't had time to edit the video yet, but of course I took a picture in costume, considering ;)

Thankfully recording said video didn't take too long - right now we're just doing a temporary one anyway, because we want to get something up...and after Ice & Fire Con we'll re-do it and add some footage from the convention itself :) Basically the point is to raise some funds so that we don't start planning next year's convention with nothing (which is how Ice & Fire Con 2013 began)...and to also hopefully make next year bigger and better and maybe even eventually get some Game of Thrones actors to come by for the weekend. Obviously I'll update and give more information once we've posted the fundraiser/kickstarter :)

So between pausing things to make dinner, and then to record that video...we never did get to finish our Season 2 re-watch. We did at least get through the Blackwater episode, though...which is, of course, the Big Important One anyway. As soon as we finished we had just a few minutes to ready ourselves for the Season 3 premiere!

(excuse the horrible quality of this picture - it was taken in quite a hurry, after all)

Clearly the next 55-ish minutes of my life were spent with my eyes glued to the television.

My thoughts? I liked the season premiere...but I didn't love it. First things first - err, Ghost is still with/back with the Night's Watch? When did that happen? And what the hell, LC Mormont? In the books, Sam tries to send the ravens...they fly off, sure, but in his fright and hurry he forgets to tie his notes to them. In the show, we never see Sam anywhere near the Fist of the First Men (presumably where the ravens are), so how in the hell can he be chastised for not sending the ravens?! I don't know if it was bad script writing or bad editing or what, but it irked me.


I did, however, like the change that they made in regards to Jon and Mance's conversation. (I know, ::GASP::) I always thought it was a pretty damn weird and weak excuse that Jon would simply abandon the Night's Watch because when he was at Winterfell he had to sit at a far table during feasts. Ya know, being a bastard and all. However, him turning his cloak on the Watch because he finds out that Mormont knows about Craster sacrificing his sons and does nothing to stop it? *Far* more believable.

That's followed by an unnecessary scene with Bronn and a mostly-naked whore, which is followed by an unnecessary scene during which Tyrion and Cersei trade words (or rather, jibes and threats). Bronn shows up bereft of his female companion and has a bit of banter with Tyrion; amusing, I guess, and though in the book Bronn pretty much ignores Tyrion after the Battle of the Blackwater...I suppose I wasn't really expecting them to follow that line in the show, what with how popular Bronn is.

Davos is up next. Must have been exciting for people who haven't read the books, to know that he's still alive ;) Steve was certainly surprised and pleased. Davos is saved by Sallador Saan and then we move on to Harrenhal. For some reason Robb and Catelyn are at Harrenhal; personally I'm pretty sure I know where they're going and I understand why they're doing it, so I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut about this change.

Back in King's Landing, an awesome Tyrion/Tywin scene occurs - seriously, almost line for line from the book. No complaints here. This is followed by Sansa (YAY!), who is apparently BFF with Shae, who apparently has no secrets from Ros (???). Littlefinger acts the uber creeper and also completely out of character by once again telling Sansa he'll try to whisk her away. Ugh.

But then we finally get DRAGONS! And retching Dothraki (kind of unnecessary?). And Dany whining about needing bigger dragons and an army. Thanks girl, we know.

More Davos, although he's all angry and attack-y on Melisandre, which um he'd never be in the books. Sure, he wanted to kill her, but storming into Stannis' solar demanding a word alone and then actually running at Mel with a dagger? Um, no. So yeah, Davos is alive, but now he's in a dungeon. A bit backwards, but for now I'll buy it (I seem to say that a lot with this show; hopefully it won't come back to bite me in the ass the way it did in season two).

Next we have Joff cowering in a litter while Marg plays Mother Teresa with some Flea Bottom orphans. I liked this scene - it said a lot about both of them as characters, but especially Margaery, who is "beloved by the commonfolk" in the book, though no such obvious evidence is given as to why she would be. This is followed by an awesome dinner with the in-laws - Cersei and Joffrey with Margaery and Loras, I mean. It seemed drawn out and unnecessarily long to me, but it at least showed some of the Cersei vs. Marg dynamic.

Back in Dany's camp, she's now in Astapor and meeting the Unsullied. This part was surprisingly close to the novel as well, and though after comes a scene that actually took place in Qarth at the end of Clash of Kings (and was a bit different from that, anyway), it was about time they brought back Barristan Selmy! Sad that there's no Strong Belways, but sadly I've known for some time that he wasn't really necessary and likely wouldn't be cast. As for Barristan...woooow did that actor age. I don't mean to be morbid, but I can't stop wondering how he will last through several more seasons of this show.

And that's all she wrote, folks!

Except...where was Bran, with Osha and Hodor and Rickon? And Arya, Gendry, HOT PIE? What about Jaime and Brienne?!? Should Game of Thrones have a *two* hour premiere, considering episode two will really just be a continuation of the beginning anyway?

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