Saturday, April 6, 2013

MegaCon Recap: Day 1, Part 2

Back to MegaCon!

Yes, I know that I sort of abandoned this recap for a while...sorry :-/ What can I say...I've been super busy and had so many other things to post about ;)

Anyway, first things first - I trudged back up to my room at the Rosen Centre from the Con to get changed for a little photoshoot :) I'd forgotten how long it takes me to put in my extensions! And ugh, they're still not quite the right color for Cersei, but I'll be working on, actually.

My good friend Sarai - who has her own photography business, Sarai Neff Photography - met me at my hotel. Rosen Centre probably isn't the *best place ever* for a photoshoot, but we found a couple areas that worked to our advantage :) She sent me a couple of her favorites out of the pictures that she took to share here on my blog...

I love how the sun is highlighting the photo behind me (yes that was very much on purpose). Also - when these pictures were taken I was of course wearing that awful green MegaCon bracelet, but thanks to Sarai's friend and colleague, Samantha of S.O. Photography, the bracelet is no longer! (in these photos, I mean) I am forever grateful to her...I mean, that's the one frustrating thing about cons (other than it often being difficult to find a place to take pictures where they won't have awful hotel carpeting or tons of other people in the background) - the badges/bracelets so often finding their way into photos! One could certainly make a lot of friends by figuring out how to do a *good* job photoshopping them out of pictures...

Sarai was even gracious enough to use my camera to take a couple of pictures...hey, what can I say, I wanted to be able to come home and have some readily available ;)

Unfortunately my costume is a bit half-ass because I never did have time to finish my screen-accurate Cersei belt :-/ The dress itself isn't screen-accurate either - fabric-wise - but what I love about the fabric that I *did* find was (a) it was on clearance, and therefore cheap, (b) it has some simple embroidery on it that at least makes it look more accurate than just plain fabric, and (c) it's very light and therefore not ridiculously uncomfortable to wear in terms of temperature.

Anyway, after my photoshoot I met my friend Tarl, his fiancee Jen, and some of their friends at The Pub at Pointe Orlando. Not the most amazing restaurant ever, but the food was good (I had the Ham & Swiss Pub Pretzel) and I was even impressed with my Bloody Mary (I'm *very* picky about Bloody Mary's) :)

Except at one point, someone asked me who I was supposed to be dressed as. "Do you watch Game of Thrones?" He nodded. "I'm Cersei Lannister," I clarified.

"Oh," he said, cocking his head and eying me for a moment. "You look more like Daenerys. She would have been my first guess."

Excuse me?

I was grateful to receive a call from my friend Mike right about then. He whisked me away to his house to visit his awesome dog Tedders (!!!) and then brought me back to the hotel fairly early - around 10:30, in fact.

But did I go to bed? Noooo. I won't even get into that, but suffice it to say that between drinks while getting ready for my photoshoot and drinks at The Pub and drinks back at the hotel, when I was walking through the lobby and one guy standing with a group of friends called out, "Nice costume!" I replied snarkily, "Do you even know who I am?" (What can I say, I was still smarting from being told that I looked like I was trying to be Daenerys.)

The guy who had spoken up in the first place hesitated for just a moment, and then replied, "Princess Leia?"

!!! UM WHAT ??? Now, I'll give him this - they were clearly in Orlando on some other business, not for MegaCon. But...still. Still. (Leia has *brown* hair, folks. Brown. I just...)

I laughed and said, "No." At that point I figured that if I could be somehow mistaken for Daenerys Targaryen (at least SOMEWHAT understandable) and Princess Leia, it was time to go to bed.

Honestly, that ^^^ never would have happened at Dragon*Con.

That's all for day one of my MegaCon experience, but I promise I'll be posting my day two recap sooner rather than later :) Pin It

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