Friday, April 12, 2013

MegaCon Recap: Day 2, Part 1

I don't know what it was (okay, maybe I kind of have an idea...), but I could not drag myself out of bed on Saturday morning of MegaCon.

No, seriously, when I finally did wake up I actually had to drag myself out of bed, and at that point it was at least 11 AM.


Finally I called Mike and told him that I was ready to be tattooed! In eyeliner, I mean. He drew Starbuck's giant arm tattoo for me, and did a damn good job too! Took him about an hour, but at least that gave me time to wake up, I guess ;)

We made our way to the convention floor and wandered around for a bit, but like the cylons, we had a pretty soon we headed over to Michael Hogan's table for autographs and pictures! It was $30 for the autograph and $10 for the picture...I'd never paid for anything like this before, but I didn't even care, because COLONEL TIGH! And the first thing he said to me when I walked up to him was "Why aren't you in the brig?!" With the Colonel Tigh voice and everything. I was struck dumb with awe, I swear.

Mike even called him out on wearing a "Canadian Tuxedo". Gotta love my friends...

There was a lot to see in the dealer room, so of course we spent some time there before trying to catch a bit of midget wrestling...

...unfortunately there was such a crowd that we couldn't see much, so we moved on to wander around and check out costumes :)

Leela as Clobberella (Futurama)

Aria T'Loak (I think?) from Mass Effect

Random Assassin's Creed Photoshoot

After walking a whole bunch and spending more money than I should have (ugh, "walk of fames" and dealer rooms at cons...haha) Mike and I decided that it was past time for lunch. Especially as neither of us had eaten yet that day. So we left MegaCon - just to go up the road to TGI Friday's and get a hearty (if not healthy) meal for probably the same price as what a hot dog would have cost us at the convention ;) When we were finished Mike left me back at the hotel - I had a little photoshoot scheduled, and wanted to do one more lap around the dealer room - knowing that I wouldn't be returning the next day.

So stay tuned for the final installment of my MegaCon 2013 experience :) Pin It

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