Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Confessions

I confess...that these weekends when I work Friday & Saturday nights go by all too fast and don't leave me rested at all. I didn't feel this exhausted when I sang with Juno last year...but then we rarely had two shows in a row on both Friday and Saturday nights. Or maybe 30 really is that much different from 29 ;)

I confess...that I really hope that this season of Game of Thrones doesn't grate on me the way season two did. So far so good, I guess...although there have already been changes that I don't care for, they are fairly minor, and many scenes - episode one's Tywin and Tyrion scene, for example, and episode two's Sansa/Margaery/Lady Olenna scene - have hit it on the nose so well. Which is hopefully a good sign.

I confess...that my blog(s) have been getting RIDICULOUS numbers of spam comments lately. I *really* don't want to turn on captchas because I *know* how annoying they are, but handling the spam comments has become ridiculous. What's up, Blogger? Because it really only started happening in the last few months, and several blogs that I follow are also having this problem, I can't see that it's a problem with MY blog(s) in particular...

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