Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monthly 101 Updates: February & March

Okay, I did it again. I kept meaning to post February's 101 update, and I kept getting sidetracked...so here you go, two months in one!

Perform a random charitable act for a stranger - Completed 2/24/2013 when I gave an extra free pass that I had to the Biltmore to a family of 5 that was about to buy tickets for the day.

Visit 3 new states in the US - 3/3 as of February 2013 - Ohio, Idaho, Montana!

 Send 5 "just because" cards/letters to friends -Self-explanatory, and completed in early March.

Finish one of the books/stories I'm writing - Yes, I finally, finally, did this! Too far too long, but not only did I finish the novel, but I did preliminary edits and sent it out to some betas :D

...and yes, I realize that at this rate I *definitely* won't finish all 101 of these goals by mid-January of next year...guess I better get cracking! Pin It

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