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Writer's Block Wednesday: Why I am of House Martell

Back in March, when I wrote my entry about why I consider myself a Hufflepuff, I knew that eventually I'd have to write one about why I believe I'm a Martell (from the Song of Ice & Fire series, that is). Not so much because people have said they don't believe I could be one (like they do with Hufflepuff)...simply because I love being associated/associating myself with House Martell, and I think that deserves it's own blog entry ;)


I mean after all...that ^^^ has been my computer desktop for quite some time... :)

Now, the two things that people usually say about the Martells is that they are (a) badass, or (b) boring. Obviously I think they're badass, but then, I think that about Hufflepuffs too, whereas most people [sadly] do not. But what it all boils down to is that if you combine Doran and Oberyn pretty much get me. Politically, I'm very much like Doran - I have my beliefs, and I have a fierce trust in those beliefs...but I tend to keep them [mostly] to myself, because let's not can be just this side of dangerous to air every single thing you stand behind to every person you know.

On that other end of that spectrum, when it comes to relationships - as in, those with significant others, both in my own life and in how I view the relationships of my friends and family - I'm way more like Oberyn. As in, open-minded. Needing to consistently try new things.


Oh yeah, and I'm so obsessed with this House, their sigil, and especially their words that I made the above picture ^^^ into a sticker for my laptop cover ;)

Anyway, there's also the more basic  stuff - I love heat, I think the desert is beautiful, yet I also like being close to the ocean.

However, all of that pales in comparison to the more blatant reasons why I associate with House Martell. I love adventure and new experiences, and I have a distinct fear of being or even just feeling tied down...all of which are traits that crop up time and again in this House and its family members, though admittedly not so much Doran or Quentyn.

As much as I love and desire to travel, though, I also enjoy being home...but when I am, I love to have a house full of people, to create a home away from home for my friends. Very Water Gardens-esque, if you will...especially my dream of one day running a bed and breakfast in historic Charleston, South Carolina.


It may sound strange, but to go back to the Doran vs. Oberyn discussion and draw a bit of a conclusion here - I am as adventurous and rash as Oberyn in many things that I do...yet I am also as much of a homebody and as studied in my actions as Doran is...though to be completely honest I'm less likely to be a homebody who thinks through every choice I make than I am to be constantly out and about and making decisions without really thinking them through...haha.

One of my favorite things about the Martells is that they are mostly very different from each other - yet in the end, they are always very true to themselves. For example (SPOILERS! SPOILERS!), Doran knows how his family despises him for his lack of action, but he keeps on doing what HE thinks is right; Arianne knows her father is going to freak out over her stealing Myrcella but she does it anyway because it's what SHE feels needs to happen. And then, as different as they are, they are all intelligent, loyal to those they love, and fierce in their own ways.

The bottom line? Every person in the world has both good traits and bad ones. In my case, I'm confident, open-minded, and a good friend...but on the negative end of the spectrum, I have a terrible temper and I'm stubborn and unforgiving.

And hey, even steady old Prince Doran can boast that last negative trait...


Unlike Hogwarts houses, you don't get to choose your House/family in Westeros...but the way you are raised and the life you live has a huge impact in who you become, and to me the Martell words - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken - are just perfect. The members of House Martell are those things, and - not to pat myself on the back or anything - I truly believe that I am Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken as well. Do other House words suit me? Sure! House Tyrell's "Growing Strong", for one. Even House Tully's "Family, Duty, Honor", to an extent. And probably a few of the lesser Houses' words could work, as well. Yet no matter what, I always come back to the fact that despite people trying to mold me in their image or to change me, I've remained - steadfastly - who I am.

I've remained Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.

And that is why I feel that House Martell would be (is?) the place for me.

(Now as a side note, in my Hufflepuff blog I was able to say that Steve was a Hufflepuff as well...buuuut in the case of ASOIAF Houses we differ greatly, and off the top of my head I'd place him in House Stark.)
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