Saturday, May 4, 2013

DAMN YOU DENNY STARK!: Ice & Fire Con Recap, Part 4

So believe it or not, I dragged myself out of bed and was on time for the first festivities of a full Ice & Fire Con day :) These began with our Game of Thrones Season 3 panel, hosted by myself, Amin from Podcast of Ice & Fire, and a friend of mine from Dragon*Con...

This was definitely up there with Bad Boys & Mean Girls, vying for best panel of the weekend. Which I almost hate to say, because, you know, the show...ugh. But it was a slightly longer panel (we were scheduled for an hour and a half and went for about an hour and fifteen minutes) with a lot of great audience participation.

As soon as that panel was over, though, I did want to get into costume! This meant rushing back to my room to lace up into my season 3 Cersei Lannister gown before the 1 PM "Waking Life: Dreams in ASOIAF" panel. One of the "lessons learned" this weekend was that we should have combined the Dreams panel with a Prophecies panel and then had a separate "Crazy Theories" panel ;) year? (Well, at least, there WILL be a crazy theories panel next year.)

And after the Dreams panel? Well, the tournament, of course!

This was something that we weren't too sure about because we didn't have much interest before the Con...but once we were there, a lot more people decided that they wanted to participate! It consisted of a sword fighting competition (foam swords, of course) and an archery competition (either crossbow or regular bow). It turned out to be hilarious, and fun, and it lasted way longer than we thought it would (or than it was supposed to). We even got two mini melees thanks to the fact that we had odd numbers of sword fight contestants!

Watching the tournament

Jaime - Jon Snow - Robert Baratheon "mini melee"

Hey Joffrey, Cersei can wield a crossbow too!

Denny Stark won the sword fight - and yes, we found the name "Denny Stark" hilarious, especially when he, err, "injured" Jon Snow - while "Joffrey" won the crossbow archery and Ramsay Bolton (of all people) won the longbow archery ;)

Following the tournament, we had a very well-attended Q&A with Amin and Ashley from Podcast of Ice & Fire, and then our third panel of the day - Supernatural Westeros! But first...can we theorize on why this marriage didn't work? ;)

There was a lot of dragon and direwolf talk in the Supernatural panel, but once we'd tired those subjects it was time for the next activity...the Power Houses of Westeros gathering! Stay tuned for an update on that, the costume contest, and more! Pin It

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